The Fuse

One murder after another, the Queen becomes assassinated. Now people on the streets are dying. Can people find the Plan behind the Plot?


2. Death at Last

Sam closed his eyes, and listened at each and every ticking noise in the room. He tried to remember each sound, as if it were a pattern, a clue. The bomb exploded, and drove Sam with great force into the solid wall. Sam was unconscious, and needed help fast.


The captain heard a great thud on the side of the de-mountable, and watched in amazement as a small puff of smoke came from the hole where the fuse led out from. He began charging at the door to the inside where Sam had entered. He braced himself as he smashed the glass to smithereens. He had badly injured himself, but he still pulled himself together, and unlocked the steel door. He placed a large fragment of glass in the doorway to prevent it closing, and ran over to the detective. An ambulance arrived with sirens blasting the sound barrier. The captain did not think to who had sent the ambulance, as the detective might had considered. He let the crew take Sam away.

I got to my feet and ran to my car, started the engine and heard the roar of the engine as I sped off into the distance where the ambulance had just left.

When the ambulance met the road, so did I in my Aston Martin DB10. As I fought the ambulance along the 35kph road, the ambulance was fighting a losing battle.


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