Amber Woods is Clueless...Does she even know what love is? After long leaving her feelings for her ex boyfriend and deserter Brandon behind she's still confused. has she found that 'perfect' true love this time...Or will her old emotions come rushing back?...<3


2. ~Jake~

I didn't pay attention to what clothes I threw on for the party; I only had thoughts for one thing- one person. Amber.

Somehow, everything reminded me of her. Every little detail of everything. Thinking about her made my heart beat just a little bit faster.

Amber, with her shiny, dancing eyes the softest shade of perfect. Her long, blond hair always hanging in loose waves around her waist.

The first time I laid my eyes on her, at my school dance last year, my jaw had-literally-dropped open. She was wearing a long flowy lilac dress, dotted with crystals the size of pebbles. Her shoes...well I cant remember what her shoes looked liked- I was too entranced by her smile.

After that, we'd gotten close- best friend close, not the kind of close I wanted. Me and Chelsea came before everyone else and seeing as we were quite popular, soon Amber was too.

I loved being her friend, flirting with her all the time bit not being taken seriously. But what I really wanted was more and since Brandon had left, id been beginning to get my wish. 

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