Amber Woods is Clueless...Does she even know what love is? After long leaving her feelings for her ex boyfriend and deserter Brandon behind she's still confused. has she found that 'perfect' true love this time...Or will her old emotions come rushing back?...<3


1. ~Amber~

I'm over excited! I mean, I shouldn't be, it was only a kiss right? Well, technically two kisses and a stargaze-Nothing more....Well, again, there was some sparks...But nothing like mine and Brandon's kisses.

Its been eight weeks, since Brandon left. And to be honest im not counting the hours..anymore..all 1344 of them. But I'm glad I've started to look at guys again. Although its not that great that he's one of my best friends..

Suddenly something long and finger-like poked me from my day dreams.

"Amber?" Chelsea repeated, raising her voice. "Yes? What?" I clicked me tongue acting as if id been listening all along. "You are coming tonight right?" Chelsea's manicured nails tapped at the steering wheel; I almost rolled my eyes at her- she knew my answer to her question. "Yeah course. My mum had that amazing dress sent over from Milan for me, the blue one with the lace.."

Chelsea's smile was sickly sweet but it didn't quite reach her makeup drowned eyes. The fact was, Chelsea was jealous. Always has been, Pretty sure she always will be. Because of my mums job and Kieran's modelling we had enough money for each of us to never work again.

"Good, good.." Because Chelsea and I are the IN crowd at the moment it was our responsibility as being popular to host the party each Friday, and with my mum always away and Chelsea's mum not caring it was perfect for us.

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