Grey Run

Follow Arthur, James, Rose & Peter as they discover why so many don't dive into the deep end of a bad idea.


1. Reaction

It was here - Arthur was sure of it. This was the location of his mother's grave. He glanced around, not expecting to find anything, but to just check to remind him that nobody was watching.

How many years was it that the old, dark, gravestone had been missing? - It must have been years since the person, dressed in black robes, went and removed the stone archway on which was printed 'Marie Samantha Chold - a loved Wife, Mother and Sister - we will never forget'. All had forgotten.

Arthur glanced around again, in more of a sudden move this time, to check for any unusual movements. He froze. A hooded figure stepped out from the overgrown weeded garden and pulled out a long, reflective knife. Arthur closed his eyes and ran five paces, before he tripped and smashed onto the ground. He opened his eyes to see his own reflection in the knife. He rolled, and as he did so, launched himself into one of his self-taught 'karate' poses, showing only his weakest point - his steel hand.

The knife cut.

Arthur fell to the ground, putting out his hands to stop him injuring any more of himself. Then, he glanced at where the pain was coming from. He had no left hand. Only his steel hand remained, and so, he steadied himself until he passed out in a pool of sticky wet blood. He choked, and could barely breath. He drew one, long breath, and sighed.

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