He is the one<3

When One directions tour bus breaks down on the way to a gig they ask a bunch of screaming girls for a lift, but when one or maybe two members fall in love with them will it all end happily ever after? Or will they all be left heart broken.


4. Mummys house&secrets.

Harrys P.O.V


"ready to go babe" Stephanie was sitting on the bed , I just wanted to kiss her but i knew now wasn't the time. "me to" she said in a sweet voice how could i be in love with someone as perfect as her i mean really. It all seemed like one big fantasy dream land and to be honest i never wanted to wake up.we walked out the house and got into my car and she put the radio on suddenly one of our songs come on and she started singing "LETS GO CRAZY CRAZY CRAZYY TILL WE SEE THE SUUUUUUN I KNOW WE ONLY MEET BUT LETS PRETEND ITS LOVEEEEEEEEE" She could really sing i was shocked, "what are you looking at" she grinned "you can sing , you should get a record deal" she burst out laughing "that would never happen..." she went sad. "steph baby yes it would your really good, in fact im going to show you to my record label" she looked stunned " Harry stop joking with me im not in the mood" i was being serious but i don't understand why she got so mad. We finally arrived at her moms and got out . "are you scared" she laughed "no" i lied " im petrified what if she don't like me?!" Stephanie "she will". she knocked on the door and there her mom was. "so this is where you get your good looks from" she looked at me and her mother laughed

"well your a gentleman, come on in" . As i walked around the house there were tons of photos i saw a baby one of Stephanie and started screaming. " STEPHEN LOOK ITS YOU" she come running "really harry its just a photo" she walked of to join her mom why i looked at endless photos of her she was so adorable. were was here dad though , i wanted to ask but i though i shouldn't. I walked into the living room and there was her mother and her they were talking but i didn't want to but it so i stayed outside. They were whispering was it about me? I couldn't resist i had to listen. "i had another message from your father, do you want it?" her mother whispered " i want nothing to do with him after he ruined my life, how can you just end someones career like that" her mother was crying softly "i know darling you loved singing and i wish i could change what happened" That was it i had heard enough i walked in. "Hi harry" she looked shocked "umm hi" she knew i knew and it was obvious "how much did you hear harry" her mom looked up " from the letter , till now i just want to say im here for you .." she got up and ran towards me and pulled me in for a hug. "Thanks harry" . I walked over to her mom and hugged her too . "it was nice meeting you but i have to go to the studio now maybe we can come again soon" her mom pulled away from the hug. "she harry im glad my daughter finally found someone to settle with and who would of guessed it would have been you" her mother was laughing. I grabbed Stephanie's hand and said good bye and walked to the car. "Harry, do you really love me.." I was shocked "of COURSE! since the moment i set eyes on you . "and you will love me forever" I grabbed her hand "I will love you until death" . I kissed her hand and held it tight. "My names not Stephanie" she blurted out. huh? i was confused "what do you mean" she looked me in the eyes and a tear dropped from her face "when i was 16 i was a singer by the name of Katy Maltby , my dad ruined it all , so i changed my name and fled away from the media and everyone because they believed my dad" she started crying , i pulled the car over and held her tight. "I love you so much harry and i know you hate me right now" "i don't hate you Katy , I love you" she sat up and wiped her eyes . "please don't tell anyone harry even haylie don't know its only you" I smiled some how i knew this was going to be forever.


Katys P.O.V


We arrived at harry's studio just as i had finished re-doing my makeup. Suddenly i realized there were fans outside "harry yooour fans!! they will see me they will know we are dating" He grabbed my hand "The sooner the better" this made me smile . I got out and waved to the fans and smiled they all seamed great apart from a few.. we walked inside harry still holding my hand and there was haylie and niall !  "HAYLIE " she saw me to and started screaming and running towards me. "IM DATING NIALL " i screamed this was great news! "im dating harry" i blurted and she started screaming too. all the boys stared at us and i turned red. "umm we should go see you later boys." we walked outside and left the boys to it , we silently heard there laughing. "haylie that was soooo embarrassing" haylie giggled " i know right , im starvinggg can we go eaaaaaaaaaat pleaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" i laughed at my stupid friends and started walking towards a restaurant. We went inside and sat down and ordered . "SO , how are things going with niall?" haylie squealed " great JUST IMAGINE GETTING MARRIED AND HAVING KIDS" i laughed "it all seems to good to be true" . After an hour of talking our food arrived and we finally eat it . "I NEEED NEW CLOTHS " i sigh "lets go get you some then :] i have a credit card on me niall said he would pay for emergency" i laughed "and this is an emergency?   " haylie looked me in the eye " ERM YES?!". We walked to the shop and after trying on the entire shop we decided on 7 pairs of skinny jeans 8 shirts 20 t shirts 10 dresses and 25 pairs of shoes . "HAYLIE WE BROUGHT TO MUCH LETS JUST RETURN IT " Haylie laughed at me "ill tell niall it was an emergency its fine " i smiled at my stupid crazy friend and some how wanted to tell her who i actually was. Haylie will you be mad if i tell you something nobody else knows. "No ill be your friend whatever" I blurted it all our every last tiny little thing . "its okay i understand " haylie hugged me . I was just glad the two people i loved more than anything in the world knew . "im going to fix what your dad did" she blurted "NO HAYLIE YOU CANT YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T DO ANYTHING" haylie laughed "No i never " "well in my head you did" haylie laughed "of course i did"


Harry's P.O.V


Suddenly Katy walked through the door "KATY, i missed you" i ran up to her and pulled her in for a hug. 

"awwe i missed you to baby , i told haylie about my name too"

"i told the guys as well and they all said there here for you" I smiled and niall and haylie came over.

"Shit i knew it was a bad idea , harry haylie spent money on clothes from nialls credit card then told me it was his after" I laughed this was cute "ill sort the money out don't worry" she hugged me "lets go home " i held her hand and we walked out the door. got into the car it was about 7pm now and i was starving "should we grab some food on the way home" she smiled "sure" we got our food and drove home and by the time we got there it was 9pm we walked inside and lay her down on the sofa. I kissed her soft lips and stared into her eyes. she was perfect. she fell asleep in my arms and i carried her to bed and placed her in her pjs and tucked her in . i kissed her head and fell asleep too..

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