He is the one<3

When One directions tour bus breaks down on the way to a gig they ask a bunch of screaming girls for a lift, but when one or maybe two members fall in love with them will it all end happily ever after? Or will they all be left heart broken.


2. In the car**


Haylies P.O.V


I was sitting on Niall's lap at this point and he was just the cutest thing on this earth! "whats your favorite color  Niall .." niall smiled , ugh how sexy can he be..." well the fans make up some stuff some times but i would say its defiantly blue" I looked into his eyes " that's my favorite too! what a coincidence!!" Stephanie looked at me " well that's 100% true" they all burst out laughing again at haylies stupidness .I gave Stephanie the evil look and she just laughed . "AREEE WEEE THEREEEE YETTT " i looked at Stephanie and she just rolled her eyes " how many times do i have to tell you haylie we will be there in 5 minuets okay! " "fine" *5 mins later** we had arrived at the concert and almost all the fans were there " its only 6:15 the show don't start for another 45 mins , there already tones of fans " " come with us we can hang out before the show it will be fun " all the boys signaled for us to follow . was this for real?

Stephanie's P.O.V


"are you serious guys" i looked at them funny "yeah it will be cool to have some erm girls around its kind of boring some times" harry looked me in the eyes as he said every word why was he so perfect.... " sooo harry " i moved closer to him "is it true you with Haylor again" i looked sad " no im not its just the fans confusing things" I smiled and harry smiled back . "so hows your boyfriend" i was surprised harry had asked me this but i just went along with it . " oh , i don't have a boyfriend , how can you not know harry , your kind of my husband" Harry looked at me shocked "erm.. okay" 

i laughed as we walked inside past all the crazy fans , i sat down on a chair in the lounge and haylie sat next to me and all the boys went to get changed ." NIALL GAVE ME HIS NUMBER" haylie was screaming. i laughed at my stupid friend. " that's really good news haylz" i smiled at her and we waited for the boys . 


Harrys P.O.V


"guys is it weird that i find Stephanie hot.. i know we only meet but.. i think shes cute"

"awwwwe " they all cooed in unison .

" shut it im serious , do you thing i should ask her out?"

"she is a fan, she will problably say yes you should find out who her favorite is" Zayn patted my back.

" she already told me im her husband , is that weird?"

"YOU should ask her out if she said that! shes totally falling for you too"

I thought to myself for about and hour and i had finally decided to ask her out!

I Got up from finishing my makeup and walked over the the lounge ,

"sorry it took so long guys, were later for stage why don't you follow jerry he will give you our best seats up in the box we will see you after the show! bye !"

they followed jerry and we walked onto stage


"LITTLE THINGS" Zayn screamed 

we all sat down and started our song..

"your hand fits in mine like its made just for me " 

........ *1 hour later*


With that we ran of stage and went to meet the girls, "hey!" Stephanie come with me i grabbed her hand .

"see you later boys"

"bye harry" the screamed i walked with Stephanie to the hotel and checked in and we walked up to my room. 

" i better text haylie to let her know im okay and im staying with you tonight! thats if you dont mind..." 

"not at all" i smiled at her and she looked into my eyes her eyes were beautiful.

She put her phone back in her bag and sat down .

" so umm Stephanie i know i haven't known you long but .. i think you know me quite a lot and i would love to know more about you and ermm.. will you be my girlfriend?"

She looked shocked and she just sat there still for 2 minuets, suddenly she burst out crying

"your serious right harry?!"

i looked at her confused 

"why wouldn't i be ! i really like you" i blushed and she smiled

"yes harry i will " she jumped ontop of me and hugged me tight.

We started kissing , after about 5 mins i lay down on his chest and fell asleep

* 16 hours later*

i woke up in bed like magic and i also woke up to Harry snoring and it was just adorable :]

i kissed his head and  started stretching

"well that was attractive " it was Harry

"oh shut it you!"

He laughed and that made me giggle we lay down and cuddled for a long time..



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