He is the one<3

When One directions tour bus breaks down on the way to a gig they ask a bunch of screaming girls for a lift, but when one or maybe two members fall in love with them will it all end happily ever after? Or will they all be left heart broken.


1. Hello!!***

*23 August 2015*

Stephanie's P.O.V


"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WERE FINALLY MEETING ONE FUCKING DIRECTION HAYLIE I was screaming at my best friend Haylie who was actually confused today was the day, we were meeting one direction and i get to hug harry and yes HARRY FUCKING STYLES . *That bummm, and ohh them curls...* i began dreaming ...

*40mins later*

"are we THERE YET" my best friend Haylie was starting to get bored. "IM HUNGRY" she started screaming. "gosh you and niall are defiantly couple of the year, there's a service station soon ill stop off" . "finally" she moaned and slouched back down in her seat putting the music on full blast. We finally arrived at the service station and it was 5:24 we had only 1 hour and a bit to get to the concert.

"im going to get food" Haylie walked off and i stood there not knowing what to do , i decided to use the toilet . I started walking when i saw a boy . he had blonde hair and he was eating food, is that??. 

"No" i said to myself and continued walking "it cant be" . I used the toilet and walked out to see haylie screaming my name . "CHILL IT IM COMING" i ran and we walked over to the car and got in ready to leave. "How dose the radio work .. its so.. old" we were using my moms mini bus as my car was at the garage for repairs and i wouldn't miss the concert for the world! " i dont even know just use your phone" i sat down and put my seat belt on when there was a strange noise. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT" haylie was screaming , i locked the car doors and looked out the window. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT ITS A FUCKING KILLER" . the person with the hood knocked on the window again. "should i open it a little" i asked haylie petrified. "WHAT IF HE KILLS US?!?!" i looked at haylie, i slowly opened the window and just about mumbled the words. "www--wha--t-t do yy-ou wa-nt..." he took his hood down . "im erm i erm need a lift our tour bus broke down" I just stared at him amazed. "you ..you .. you is.. n-nia-ll" he looked confused " um yes i know this is a little bit shocking for you but please may we have a lift" who was they.. did he mean .. ONE DIRECTION NEED A LIFT FROM ME?. "um fine .." i kept looking at him unable to process what was happening... "hop in then before i drive off" he ran off screaming "harry HARRY I FOUND SOMEONE HARRY , FOR GOODNESS SAKES HARRY COME HERE" soon i looked out the window to see all the boys running towards the van . am I in heaven? The got into the car and i just stared at them. " are you okay ...." harry was talking to me. "love ? are you okay?" he looked concerned "i told you this was a bad idea" mumbled Liam "sorry .. " i mumbled "its just your fucking one direction" they all burst out laughing,Just as i was about to drive of i noticed my friend Haylie had passed out . "HAYLIE WAKE UP " i slapped her , she automatically woke up and started screaming " YOU BITCH WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR " She suddenly notice who was in the backseat "Oh .... Hiii..." she fluttered her eye lashed , "feisty" laughed zayn " oh shut it" haylie started fake laughing and going all giggly. I rolled my eyes and the boys laughed. This was sure going to be a good night .  

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