The House Of Shrieks

Oni can see ghosts ever since his grandfather's death. His parents disown him so he is in an orphanage. Russell came to live at the orphanage and befriends Oni. He loved Oni's red eye and they became brothers. Now they will investigate the shriek inside the haunted house. Will they make it back outside(not exactly horror)?


1. Prologue

  Chapter 0: Friend?
   "!!" someone shrieked as lightning stroke. The echo went on and on in the halls. It came from a scary looking mansion. The lights were on before the shrieking voice happened, but it went off after someone shrieked.
  A boy with dark blue hair was seen resting blocks away from the mansion. No milkman or mailman would go there, well since no one lived there so there was no need for mail. It was used for dares and test of courages. They said that once you enter the mansion, you will never get back out. Now, back to the boy. He was groaning once he heard his alarm clock. He slapped it as he rubbed his sleepy eyes.
He was wondering about the shriek he heard in the mansion. He can hear really well, like a bat. You might think he is ordinary, besides from his hearing, but he's not. He has a power to see ghosts. No one ever believed him and he didn't believe himself either. Well at first, until he saw his grandfather. The one who he killed.
  It was a peaceful night, besides from the rain. It wasn't a thunderstorm or anything serious, rather it was just normal rain. The boy with dark blue hair and red eyes was seen opening a big, brown door. When the boy saw his fat white haired grandfather, he smiled widely. He skirted off after his grandfather and sat on his lap. He was moving uncomfortably on his lap. His grandfather chuckled at the boy's antics. His grandfather never laughed after his grandmother died. She was the love of his life. The boy was happy when his grandfather laughed, until he heard his grandfather muttering something.
  His grandfather suddenly said, "This was all your fault." The boy was bewildered by this statement. "Your eyes!" The boy looked at his grandfather and his grandfather was pale. "Your demon eyes!" The boy was going to cry when he saw his grandfather shaking uncontrollably. "The eyes of misfortunate!" The boy shook his grandfather, tearing up. "Why God? Why leave this misfortunate child upon me??" His grandfather suddenly stopped moving. His eyes weren't blinking anymore. The boy shook his grandfather, wailing.
  His parents suddenly came rushing in. His mother took the boy in his hands and started crying. The dad shook his grandfather, weeping. Then, his parents turned their heads to him. Their eyes were wide, they look as if they were looking at the eyes of a demon. Of misfortune.
 "It's all your fault! You killed your grandparents!" they chanted over and over again.
  The boy cried as they were holding him tightly. He was shaking his head and wailed, nowhere stopping. They thought it was all his fault. The next thing he knew it, he was in an unknown room. Two female ladies came in and frowned at him.
  "Why did they give us a misforunate child?" the first lady scowled.
  "I wouldn't blame them. I wouldn't want a demon as a son," the second lady said, not looking at him.
 The boy's eyes widened. They were treating him like a demon or a bacteria. His eyes suddenly grew emotionless as a tear went down from one of his eyes.
 He noticed he was in an orphanage. No one came near him or even looked at him. The boy just read all day. He read about people with loving family. He scowled at that, families are two-faced. The boy was sitting up during the night. Then he saw a flash. He then suddenly saw his crinkle-faced grandparents.
 "Your fault!" his grandfather scowled.
 "Your fault!" his grandmother cried.
  This happened all day and all night. He covered his ears, not wanting to hear their chant. Then suddenly, they stopped one day. He was relieved by that. The day they stopped chanting. That was today(flashback stopped).
  He heard a new child was coming to the orphanage. He heard chatters and gossip about the new child. The only thing he heard was that the child was a boy. Then the door suddenly opened by two awestruck female lady and a child behind them.
He had golden hair and blue eyes, most likely a foreigner. The children was awestruck too. He was like a beautiful doll.
 "My name is Russell Walker. Nice to meet you," Russell smiled. When tne two lady left, he was surrounded by kids(by the way, Russell and the boy was both twelve).
 The boy just shrugged at that and read a Sherlock Holmes novel. Russell saw the boy's eyes and smiled. He thought this orphanage was going to be fun.
  Later that night, the blue haired boy walked to the orphanage's garden. He saw an old lady there, most likely a ghost. He smiled and sat at the bench next to her. The ghost old lady was bewildered. Can he see her?
  "How is it in the afterlife?" tne boy suddenly asked.
  The old lady smiled,"Just like this life. It's not everyday you see beautiful red eyes and talk to a human again."
  "Well it's not everyday you see a ghost old lady," the boy smiled. They both laughed.
 The ghost suddenly disappeared, I guess it was her time. Then Russell came out of the shadows. The boy was startled.
  "Who were you talking to?" Russell suddenly asked.
  "What?" The boy pretended to not know what he was saying.
  "You know what I am saying. Who were you talking to?" Russell said, more seriously.
  The boy sighed," A ghost."
  "Really? Aw man that is so cool! What is your name?" Russell smiled widely.
  "Oni(japanese for demon)," Oni replied, not looking at Russell.
  Suddenly, Russell started to sit next to Oni. Oni looked at him, as if that wadn't normal. Well it wasn't to Oni, since people avoided him.
  "So I guess you heard the shriek," Russell smiled as Oni nodded.
  "Well, why don't we search what happened in the mansion," Russell said. Oni just shrugged and Russell told him they were going to set off tomorrow night. Oni was bewildered. But the most thing he was bewildered of was what Russell said in the end. The sentence Oni always wanted to hear.
 "Well, let's get going, friend."

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