its not good to love you

Her name was Lola. A sweet innocent girl who fell in love with a vampire hunter. His name was Liam. A fatal mistake caused a heart break, her heart break. Then everything turned, she no longer loved Liam. Her name was Lola and after a good punch to the heart, she fell hopelessly in love with a vampire and he fell hopelessly for her. Max, seeking revenge has other plans. Can Niall protect the love of his life? Only with help.


7. A/N




     Ok guys let me we'll me being the blonde I am I had written  2 chapters over a long period of time and I usually write them in my notes, we'll over the summer I got a new phone and  forgot that I never posted the chapter that was saved in the notes of my old phone so I accidentally went and posted the chapter ahead... *laughs* guys I'm so sorry you can like come and mob me house now 😂 

anyway love y'all and I'm sorry!

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