Niall's daughter and Liam Payne's son

After One Direction spit evry thing was fine until one car , one night that changed everything between Liam and Niall ....... But can Niall's daughter and Liam's son change that ???


3. chapter three

Still Liam's P.O.V 


---Flash back continued---


 I knocked and walked in everyone was there apart from Niall so we decided to get the food out on the table. There was a knock on the door and a angry Niall came through. "Liam why the hell did you crash into me and my daughter we could've died!" Niall was always so protective of his daughter. "It was an accident," I mumbled. 
"I don't care you hurt Shannon and now she doesn't even know who i am its all your fault Liam I hate you!" He stormed out the flat so i ran after him which wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done.

"What the hell do you want now Liam want to chop off my girlfriends head!"
" I just want to say im sorry i really didnt mean it!"
" I don't care Liam our friendship is over i am not coming to band rehersal i quit!" He yelled crying. now seeing Niall cry was one of the wort things ever and i felt so bad. why did i have to be so stupid to look at that text! 

---Flash back over--- 

I must have fell asleep , because I woke up too Helen my wife shouting "Diners out!" . 

I pulled my self off of the floor and then looked in the mirror and whispered "I'm sorry Niall , I really am" then I walked down stairs and into the dining room and smiled like nothing ever happened . 

"You okay hun?" Helen asked 

"Yeah , thanks for asking tho!" I smiled 

"You okay Lorna your smiling like an idiot?" I asked Lorna 

"Lucas just texted me asking if I want to go over to Shannon's and she every body" She smiled "I can tell every one you say hello if you want Liam?" 

"It's okay they would be happyer with out me" I sighed 

"I was six years ago Liam ! They would still want to see you !" She stated 

"Six years ago today ! Niall hates me because of it !" I yelled at her . everybody just looked at me I never normally yell at people , she just looked at me and thanked Helen for her meal then left 

"Nice one dad!" Sean mumbled 


Niall's P.O.V 

We had finished our meal Shannon and the 'kids' were up stairs chatting about what they had missed . And Ella , Zayn , Perrie , Louis , Eleanor , Harry , Christina and I where in the living room sitting on the sofa . 

"Six years today." I sighed 

"Six years today?" A voice questioned . I turned round and Shannon was standing behind me. I looked over to Louis and I think he could tell that I wanted him to make something up , 

"Six years ago today your pet dog died." he lied 

"Don't lie uncle Louis , tell the real reason" She said , looking at me 

" Six years ago today , One direction split up because you were in a car crash , Liam was driving and he crashed in to your dad's car and you were really badly injured , you lost your memory and you had to learn how to walk again . Your father hasn't spoke to Liam since that night." Louis spoke looking down thro out all the time he spoke. 

" that why I have on scars on my back and legs?" She asked , few tears had fallen from her eyes and were now making tracks down her cheeks . I could only nod in response . 

"I'm just going to go up stairs." She mumbled   


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