Niall's daughter and Liam Payne's son

After One Direction spit evry thing was fine until one car , one night that changed everything between Liam and Niall ....... But can Niall's daughter and Liam's son change that ???


4. chapter four

Shannon's P.O.V 

I had just herd the real reason on why I have thees hideous scars all over my body . I had just walked out of the living room and up the stairs to my bedroom and walked into my room and grabbed a bag and started to fill it up with clothes and a pair of high-tops . 

"You can't keep running away when you find out something you don't like."Darcy sighed 

"Well I'm sorry Darcy , if I can't just sit there and take it like you!" I snapped back at her 

"See yous at the wedding" and after i said that one statement I left . 

I wasn't going to go to Uncle Greg's like I normally did , if I went there it would be the 2nd time this month , the first time I went there was when I found out my older brother was going to be posted to Afghanistan  for 3 months . He's now a month into his posting. 

I'm going to go to Liam's house I don't care if it started another war against my dad and him , hopefully he still lives at the same house as before One Direction split up . As I walked down the street I had a few paps to deal with like normal , then the press were there asking questions about my brake up with Jamie , It was none of their business any way .

Eventually I made it to a house which I knew , a few memeriors came back when I saw the house , I walked up a nicely kept path way and then reached the front door , I knocked on it a few times and then waited for some one to answer it . The door opened a few seconds later a man opened it , 

"Hi can I help you ?" He asked with a small simile on his lips 

"Hi are you Liam Payne ??" I asked nervously

"Yeah , why ??"He asked  

"It's me Shannon Jane Nialla Louise Horan ." I stammered 


Liam's P.O.V 

I was sitting on the sofa with Helen , She was watching Corrie while I was on my laptop looking at old pictures of me and the guys' . I really miss them I honestly miss them . I was pulled out of my thoughts by the door bell ringing . Helen made a hand jester telling me to go and answer it , I let out a quite chuckle as I got off the sofa and walkedx to the front door to answer it . 

"Hi can I help you ?"I asked with a small simile 

"Hi are you Liam Payne ??" She asked nervously 

"Yeah , why ??"I asked  

"It's me Shannon Jane Nialla Louise Horan ."She stammered 

"Wow you've groan up so much" I gasped 

"Keep thinking that mate!" She laughed 

"Just like your dad." I mumbled 

"Can I come in please it's kinda cold out here .?" She shrugged 

"Oh, yeah sorry" I said moving out the way so she could get into the house , she took off her jacket and passed it to me so I hung it up , then I noticed something on her upper right arm

"Niall let you get a tattoo??" I asked astonished  

"Not exactly" She shrugged "I got it last week with Danny , Dad only found out to day so did mum , Uncle Zayn , Uncle Harry , Uncle Louis , Aunt Eleanor , Aunt Perri and Aunt Christina." 

"okay , want a tea or coffee ?" I offered 

"Tea please milk and two sugers." She smiled 


Shannon's P.O.V 

Uncle Liam and I talk for a bit about stuff we had missed , 

"Uncle Louis and Aunt Eleanor are getting married next week!" I said sipping my tea 

"Wow!" He smiled "What's their first dance gonna be ??" 

"Lucas , Darcy , Danny , Lorna and me are gonna sing a slow acoustic version of one thing." I replied

"Oh and Lucas is gonna ask Lorna to marry him as well!" I smiled 

"Lorna Murs ??" He asked puzzled 

"Yeah!" I nodded . He started to talked about something , I checked my mobile while he was talking I had 15 missed calls from dad , 5 from Darcy , 11 from Danny , 14 from Mum and a lot of unread texted .

"Dad must be pulling his hair out." I sighed 

"Eh? Does Niall not know that your here ?" He asked with a hint of worry in his voice 

"No . Should I tell him ??" I asked 

"Yeah he's probially crapping himself" He sighed running his hands thorough his hair 

"I'll call him be right back!" I said while walking out of the kitchin and into the hall 

N-Niall and S-Shannon 

Hi dad-S 

Shannon where are you we're all worried sick-N 


Where are you -N 

At Liam's House-S 

Okay stay there I'm comming to get you - N 

No . Liam said it's fine I can stay for a bit-S 

Fine the girls are going dress shopping tomorrow be ready-S 

Okay bye love you - S 

Love you too bye -N 


Okay dads pissed at me , wouldn't blame him . Anyway I don't see that I've done any thing wrong !!

"Is that you Shannon??" A voice said behind me 

"Oh , hiya Sean" I smiled 

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