Dean Winchester: My story

This is my story, Dean Winchester's story. My sad story, my shitty life in this shithole.


6. School

A few months had passed and I had learnt what all dad taught me. I listened to his droning voice everyday. His voice rang through my years still. He barged orders at me everyday but I knew I had to go through this, if I wanted to protect Sammy.

I was five now and dad had suddenly decided to send me to school. I didn't really want to. I protested by saying, "Who would protect, Sam."

He replied, "Ally is there, Dean. I'll be also there. But you need to go school. IT'S IMPORTANT."

I protested alot but they all went to deaf ears. Finally, I had to give in.


We didn't really study when we are five but just played and learnt ABC and made friends and all.

But I didn't want to do anything. But dad had made me promise before coming to school that I would try to have fun. But, he didn't know after all that I had been through the past few months, couldn't really just suddenly expect me to be NORMAL, like nothing had happened.

IT WAS DIFFICULT. But I had to follow what dad had told me to do. It was what that was good for me. .

I buried all the shit that I knew and showed my cool, punk and does not give a damn attitude.

Sometimes it was saddening to see the happy faces of innocent people and not knowing the things out there in the evil world.


I was quickly made friends with my classmates at school. My closest friend came to be a girl. Her name was Ruby. (Not the Demon Ruby)

She was beautiful and intelligent. Well, you can say she was my first crush. We used to talk, play and have fun.

I couldn't take my eyes off her. But it was heartbreaking that I couldn't tell her the things I knew, the things that EXISTED IN THIS WORLD.

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