Dean Winchester: My story

This is my story, Dean Winchester's story. My sad story, my shitty life in this shithole.


2. New beginnings

That night, we went to a motel and stayed there. My dad changed completely after my mother's death. That night, he went somewhere saying, "Take care of Sammy."

I went to Sammy's crib and looked deeply into his blue eyes. I saw fear in his baby eyes. Fear, that i couldn't just rub away. But, i wished i could. From that day i decided that i'll take of Sammy, no matter what happens. I'll sacrifice anything to keep him safe. I would do anything i mean anything for him cause he'll always be my little brother and i will always be his big brother.

That night, dad didn't come back till midnight. He was drunk and tired when he came back. He didn't say anything that night and i couldn't think of anything to say to make it right. He just went to sleep and i also quietly laid back in my bed. 

I couldn't sleep a wink that night. I kept thinking of the fire in our house, my father's orders, "Take your brother outside, go Dean go." I just couldn't stop thinking about my mom, dad and little Sammy and what will happen now.

The sun rose and i didn't sleep last night. But the sun came with new hopes in my heart. Hopes, that everything will get better now. Hopes, that we could move on with life normally. But, I was wrong, nothing  was better. Everything was just the same as it was last night.

After mother's death, the SILENCE between me and my dad bothered me. Awkward silence. Silence that was slowly tearing me apart me inside. Silence that i didn't have the courage to break.

There was a weird silence between me and my father during breakfast. The silence was unbearable finally when i couldn't take it anymore i asked dad, "Dad, why did you come so late yesterday. I was worried. You are okay, right?

Dad looked at me and said, "I am fine, Dean"

He stood up and said, "I'm going for work, I'll be back soon. Take care...."

I said, "Yeah i know dad, take care of Sammy."

He walked through the door. Leaving me and Sammy behind.

That day also, he came late and went to bed without saying a thing.


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