You left, I changed (Editing)

What do you do, when the one you love the most is taken away from you? That's what happens to Elena Styles, yes Little sister of Harry Styles. 1/5 of One Direction. Ever since Harry became a part of One Direction, he hasn't contacted his family. And Elena hates him for that. She supported him through X-Factor all the way. She cried with him when he and the boys, got sent out, and then cried happy tears when they got signed by Simon Cowell. But not one call or text has she recieved and she hates him for that. As the year goes by Elena is known as the "bad girl" in Holmes Chapel, she drinks smokes and have one night stands. But what happens when she gets send to Harry and the boys for the summer. Will they bring the old her back? will a crush be developed or will Things just get worse?
(Mature content, no hate to 1D! There may be cursing, violent & sexual scenes!)


3. No douchbags welcome.

Harrys P.O.V.

I couldn't wait to see my family again, i haven't seen them for ages. "Harry! Are you ready!?" I hear Louis yell, "Yep, coming down in a second, boobear!" When i get down stairs i see Louis standing waiting for me. "That took aageeessss-" "It took 2 seconds" I reply "Whatever.. Lets go". We both get in the car, and start driving to my old house in Holmes Chapel.


After a 3 hour car drive, we finally arrive. I get out of the car, and start walking up to the door. "Hey! Wait for me" Louis yells  behind me, I just laugh at him, and ring the doorbell. The door opens and Elena is standing there. My sister! I haven't noticed how much i've missed her until now. "Can i help you?" She asks ice cold. I start getting nervous. I thought she'd be happy to see me? I just shrug her cold answer off, and say "Ehmm.. Yeah.. I'm here to visit my family!" She was about to answer, when my mum comes out. "Harry! You're here!" She says happily, and quickly adds "Open the door for you brother Elena!" She says with a stern voice. Elena sighs and says "I'll be in my room.. where no douchbags are welcome" The last part she says while looking at me. I go inside feeling hurt. "You brought Louis!" My mum says, trying to ignore Elenas comment. "Yes, he did Louis replies. "What's wrong with Ellie?" I ask my mum, as we enter the livingroom, "She's been like that for a long time Honey, she's not the same after you left. I can't barely even myself recognize my own daugther" She answers tearing up. I decide to leave the subject. I tell Louis and my mum that i'll go Upstairs, to talk to Ellie. I hear the front door close, and someone going up the stairs. "Must be Elena" I mutter. I'm about to open the door, to her room upstairs, when i hear her say "Sure,I'll bring some booze to the party". I decide to interfear, and open her door and burst in yelling "No way in hell you are going to a party!" I say. She first seems surprised that someone was at the door, she looks over at me furious. "What the hell are you doing in my room!!" "GET THE FUCK OUT!!" She screams, and stands up and close the door right in my face. I just stand there frozen.

What the fudge did just happen'?


Authors note!

Hey Guys! <33 So here is the update for today:) Hope you liked it. Some of you may have noticed(or not;P) I've got a new cover!:D It's made by one of my best friends, her name on movella is .Diana. Thanks for making it for me beautiful! Love ya and all my readers!<33 I may update later, or tomorrow. Depends on how much homework i have:9

Peace out!<333



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