You left, I changed (Editing)

What do you do, when the one you love the most is taken away from you? That's what happens to Elena Styles, yes Little sister of Harry Styles. 1/5 of One Direction. Ever since Harry became a part of One Direction, he hasn't contacted his family. And Elena hates him for that. She supported him through X-Factor all the way. She cried with him when he and the boys, got sent out, and then cried happy tears when they got signed by Simon Cowell. But not one call or text has she recieved and she hates him for that. As the year goes by Elena is known as the "bad girl" in Holmes Chapel, she drinks smokes and have one night stands. But what happens when she gets send to Harry and the boys for the summer. Will they bring the old her back? will a crush be developed or will Things just get worse?
(Mature content, no hate to 1D! There may be cursing, violent & sexual scenes!)


5. Drinking from the bottle.

Elena’s P.O.V.

After a 10 minute car drive, we finally arrive at a HUGE mansion! Not even exaggerating! It’s like a four plan mansion! And not to mention the pool! Oh, am I going to spend much time there. Maybe this isn’t as bad as I thought.

Of course it isn’t. You haven’t seen Harry yet.

Way to ruin my positive vibes.

Ha! You positive! The only time you are positive, or fun, is when you’re drunken sweetie.

Huh! I’m funny AND positive all the time. There’s no going around it. Besides I’m not even going to discuss this with you! You only think negative about me... And you’re, well... Me. Ha! So actually when you hate on me, you’re hating on yourself. Take that bitch!

You should really consider your words more wisely... You just called yourself a bitch… well at least that’s what you tell me. Am I right or am I right?

You’re left.

Annoying as always…

Oh my god! Just shut the hell up!

I turn around to see Zayn staring at me with a smirk. “What?” I ask him dumb founded. Giving him a confused look, as he steps closer to me.

“Nothing… You’ve just been staring at the house for two minutes, or so. Like it much?” He replies giving me a cheeky grin. I roll my eyes at him, and take a step closer. “Oh, I love it!”

He steps even closer to me, so our noses brush against each other, and say, “Mhmm, I’m sure you do.” He licks his lips, brushing them softly against mine.

“You have no idea how much.” I hum softly, stepping even closer, till’ our chests touch. He leans in a bit more, probably expecting me to give him a kiss. But… No. I have other ideas.

Just as our lips are about to touch I move away smirking satisfied, of not giving him what he wants. I grab my bag and stroll over to the front door, as if nothing just happened. “Tease!” Zayn yells behind me. I turn around to wink at him, and say, “Oh, you know it!”


After being shown around the house, and being showed my fab room. I’ve unpacked every single thing, and taken a shower. I sit on my fluffy bed completely satisfied. A sudden huge urge to go out tonight overwhelms me, and I quickly stand up going out the door, and down into the gaming room where all the boys are sitting. I casually sit on a chair, and tell them my idea. “Sooo… I thought about going out tonight, anyone wants to come?”  They all look at me and shrug, Harry showing a surprised look. They all look at each other as if communicating by their minds. Harry shrugs, and tells me ‘okay’ showing a huge grin. “There’s no need to be smiling like that “brother”, I still hate you.” I say giving him a cold stare. His happy grin instantly fades, and is replaced with a frown, and a bit teary eyes. I quickly stand up and rush back to my room, being too tired to fight.

I look through my closet, searching for a sexy dress to seduce Zayn.

Yep. You heard me. Tonight I’m going to try and seduce Zayn. Let’s hope it doesn’t fail. Wait. Who am I kidding? Of course it won’t fail. I have him wrapped around my toe.

Toe!? It’s, ‘wrapped around my little finger’, you dumb ass.

Oh! Right I knew that. Ha. Awkward…

I pull out the tight black dress that shows my toned legs and cleavage. I match them up with a pair of vine red stilettos, and pull my makeup bag out. I do my makeup, and hair. And then get dressed. Looking at the time, I rush out my room, quickly grabbing my clutch on the way. The boys are sitting waiting for me downstairs. They’re all sitting on a black leather couch, looking extremely bored. They stand up as soon as they notice my presence. They all gawk a bit as I walk inside, looking at each of my curves that shows. Well, except Harry of course. That would just be weird if he checked me out. “Are we going now, or are you not done checking me out?” I ask the all acting innocent.

Liam coughs, and let out a nervous laugh, “right, let’s go. Eh. Yeah.” They all rush into the car, apparently pretty embarrassed. Just to my luck, the last seat that is available is the one in the back, besides Zayn. As I strap myself up I make sure, to make our knees touch.

As the car ride continues, I put my hand on Zayns thigh, moving it up and down. He gives me a shocked looked, obviously not thinking I’d be doing it here. Looking around to see if anyone is looking, I move my hand a bit further up, ending just beneath his hard on. Yep, you heard me. Elena Victoria Styles has given Zayn Malik a hard on. He tenses as I gently stroke his ‘thing’, of course him still wearing pants. I lean close to his left ear, squeezing his crotch a bit on purpose making him groan. Seducing I manage to whisper in his ear; “I think that we should continue what we did today… Tonight.” Him groaning, as I remove myself from him including my hand, as we arrived at the club. I step out of the car, making sure to giving him a wink, before I head myself into the club. Oh! How I can’t wait to get drunk.

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