I'm all alone- the realization hits me like a slap in the face. No mom, no dad...
Raven has always had the perfect family, until, all of a sudden, it falls apart. Hope you lovelys like this!!!! Only my first movella, so please give criticism, but I don't mind the good comments either :) I've always wanted to read about this, so... Wish me luck!!
Thank you Loving1D_23 for the amazing cover!


4. The Day Dad Died

It was, strangely, a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and life was actually decent for once. Dad was working full-time at the office. Dove was oblivious of life at her daycare, where she had plenty of friends, and had fun. Me, not so much. It was always the same every morning: Dad gets up extremely early in the morning, snagged a little something to eat, and headed back to work, where he stayed, for the whole, stupid day. I would take Dove to daycare on my bike, strapped to the little carrier seat. After that, I'd go to school. This morning, however, Dad actually showed up at breakfast, reading the newspaper and drinking his coffee like Mom never died, I was happy again, and that we were a perfect family once more. Right. I think now though, that Dad was merely saying goodbye to us lot. His kids. His family. Goodbye forever, huh?Anyway, when I entered, Dad looked up and smiled at me. It was a weary smile though, not like old times. I glared at him, reluctant to show any kindness to this-this man that left us, alone and unprepared. "Well sweetie-", "Don't call me 'sweetie'", I said, raising my voice. If he thinks he can just waltz back in and EXPECT me to forgive him, he's wrong. "Now dear", he says in a fake sugary voice, " I just wanted to say good morning, kay?" He smiled at me, this time crooked and treacherous. I cant believe this is my Dad, compared to before. My nice, caring, loving hero has been replaced by this oaf. I guess things change. I guess he wants everything to be perfect on his suicide day. "Well say good-morning to someone who cares, kay?" I mumble, mimicking him in a sarcastic voice. Thankfully, he doesn't hear me and returns to his newspaper. I quickly grab a boiled egg and a cup of orange juice and head to my room. "You know, Raven?" he says, interrupting my dark thoughts, "You might miss me." And with another crooked smile and a wave, he leaves. At the time, I didn't know what he had meant, but now of course I do. I sighed, and padded up slowly to my room. I bite into a bit of my egg and gulp down some milk, and carefully walk into Dove's room. I watch her little face drooling into her pillow, then gently shake her awake. "Hello? Lovey-Dovey? It's time to get up!" I say in a cheerful, singsong voice. Without Dove, I would be a total grouch pool. But fortunately, that hasn't happened. I gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, then tickled her awake. She giggled, and finally lifted herself out of bed. As soon as she smelled breakfast though, she sprang up. "Pancakes?" she asked, excited. "Yes, but you'll have to dress up and brush your teeth before you eat those pancakes," I laugh jokingly. "Awww!" She moaned, but I could tell she was smiling. See, Dove was one of those people who never let anything get her down. She has the most infectious giggle, and her smile literally brightens up the whole room. I'm the complete opposite. I don't laugh, let alone giggle.

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