Supernatural World

Harry's in trouble, supernatural trouble. Will he be able to sneak out of it?


8. Sleep deprived

The four were left alone in the room. The smoke filled the room. They coughed and tried to drive away the smoke quickly as possible. Finally, it was gone and they could breathe properly.

But, a problem was still there. They had to figure what exactly the ghost said.

Silence swayed through the room for a minute.

Danielle finally broke the silence and said, "So what's the plan?"

Cody said, "We'll sleep. It's very late. We'll think about tomorrow."

Everyone nodded as they were also very tired.

Austin said, "Danielle and Harry you can sleep here tonight. It's very late now."

Danielle and Harry agreed.

Harry asked, "Won't you both sleep?"

Austin answered, "Maybe. Depends."

Harry didn't really have the energy to counter question the statement. So, he quietly went to bed.

Harry's POV:

It's been a very hectic day today. The things that has happened to me is really STRANGE. The supernatural, spirit, fear and near death.

The most surprising part of the day for me was knowing that my neighbour is a witch. Who would've imagined what lurks around you.

I really couldn't imagine what would happen tomorrow. What bomb Cody and Austin will drop that would break all bounds.

I just hope it's something for once. It seems it has been few months that I've been.

These keep circling in my mind. I cannot sleep.

                 *******                    ********


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