Story of My Life

I'm Nikki Horan and I have 2 fraternal twin brothers Niall and James Horan. Niall is apart of a band called One Direction. He is always touring and he never comes around much so it is always me and James. I've met the boys a few times and we've hung out. But Harry is a different story. Me, Niall and James grew up with Harry and his 2 other twin brothers Edward and Marcel. I have always had a thing for all three of them just in different ways and for different reasons. They are all completely different. But what will be the outcome. The Take Me Home tour is over and Christmas is coming? Read and find out what happens


1. Im Nikki.... Nikki Styles

~ Nikki

I'm Nikki Horan and I'm 17 years old. My older brother is Niall and James Horan. We are fraternal triplets except James and Niall look just alike. James is older by 2 minutes. And Niall is older by 1 minute. I have dirty blond hair and grayish blue eyes. This is me:

As you might have noticed me and Niall look a bit alike. When I was little I had brown hair but I decided to dye it blond. Just like Niall and when the colour fades we go and get it dyed back blond again. The only 2 things me and Niall have in common is our hair and eyes. Most people remember Niall as the cheeky boy who eats food. Yeah... I love my brother but when it comes down to it. Hes so freaking overprotective. Him and my other brother James.


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