Summer Thirteen

Kate goes on vacation for the summer to the tropical island of Hawaii where she meets Shay, a local who own a shop and becomes her closest friend and Chaz, a local boy who has her just under his fingertips... what happens when they become close friends and what if they just happen to fall in love? <3


9. Miss Dior mixed with Drakkar Noir

~Chaz's POV~

I noticed her eyes wandering down my body but I didn't say anything.. I couldn't because I felt the same way. I felt myself getting hard and I couldn't stop it, might as well embrace it bro I thought. When she started moving her eyes back up to mine they looked different. Her beautiful blue-green eyes were darker and I could tell what she was thinking about. CONDOMS CHAZ! My mind was reeling.. yeah, yeah, I know where they are I thought and I plopped down on the bed beside of her. Hey babe I said. Hmm, she moaned barely audible.. I felt it again this time in my whole body, not just my dick.. GOD, I wanted this girl bad. She looked at me again and that's all it took... I basically dove ontop of her pushing her into the mattress with my body and I crashed my lips into hers. She bit down on my bottom lip and I forced my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue met mine and we fought for dominance. I could feel myself getting even harder and I knew there was no way she didn't feel it. SLOW DOWN CHAZ! My body was going alot faster than my mind. What if she doesn't want this? I thought to myself.. OH GOD! Her hands had moved to the hem of my shirt and before I knew what was happening she was pulling it off and I lifted my arms to help. Chaz? her voice hummed as it broke through the silence between us.. Yes babe I managed to say.. I want this, she moaned. SCORE! I was going crazy here... Are you sure? I asked her in a whisper.. I wanted it too don't get me wrong, but we barely knew eachother and I didn't want to screw it up.. Positive she said. OH YES! I sat up and walked to the bathroom.. I'll be right back okay? I stammered as I opened the bathroom door...

~Kate's POV~

He walked into the bathroom and I thought about what he could possibly be doing. JESUS KATE CALM DOWN! When he walked back out he had a condom in his hand.. DUH! My conscience was kicking me in the butt, atleast one of us has a brain it was saying. OH SHUTUP WOULD YOU!? I told myself. He climbed back into the bed beside of me and his lips met mine. He handed the condom to me and said, guess you might need this? I flushed and sat it on the bed... Yeah, I might I said. His hands made their way to the zipper on my skirt and he was tugging it off in no time. I kicked it off once it fell to my ankles and then I undid the button on his pants before he kicked them off. OH GOSH! My mind was going to fast. I found his lips again and this time we didn't fight for dominance, he let me explore his mouth freely while his hands worked with my shirt. He tugged it off breaking our kiss for a couple of seconds and then his lips were on mine again. Neither of us had anything on except for his briefs and my thong. His lips moved from mine down my neck and to my breasts. I felt his tongue on my nipple and I arched my back in pleasure... So this is what love is supposed to feel like I thought. You alright? he groaned. Yeah, I managed to say, but I really gotta use the bathroom.. I leapt up and ran into his bathroom and shut the door behind me. CRAP! That was intense! I sat down on the toilet and put my face in my hands.. WHAT THE HELL! What am I supposed to do now.. I'm so screwedd.. I want him so bad, but is this too soon. My conscience was screaming YES! But my heart was telling me to do this.. OH GOD!!

~Chaz's POV~

She just took off into the bathroom.. I hope she's alright. Maybe we were going to fast.. GOD! Way to screw it up Chaz, I thought. Just then the bathroom door opened and she walked out and practically dove ontop of me. I rolled over so that she was underneath me and she started pulling my briefs off.. OH GOD! She looked at me through those long eyelashes and her eyes were still dark and full of lust. Ugh, I groned as she pulled my briefs off and tossed them to the floor without any hesitation. I hooked my thumb in her thong and pulled it off and flung it across the room. There was nothing left to seperate us. I started kissing her again and she let my tongue explore her mouth. I could feel my erection even more than before and I knew she could too. She pulled out of the kiss and grabbed the condom and put it on my dick.. and then she flipped me, I was under her and she eased herself onto me and oh my gosh it was crazy. She was going to drive me crazy. Her walls were tight around my erection and I eased in and out of her really slowly and then she flipped me again so that I was back ontop of her. I started going faster and faster and her walls closed even tighter around me, Chaz! She screamed, but I didn't stop.. There was nobody to bother, we were in the middle of the ocean, just me and you babe I whispered into her ear. Ohh! She moaned out in pleasure and I let a moan escape from my lips. I started thrusting harder and harder but she kept up with me, moving her hips to my rhythm all the while moaning my name. OH GOD! She screamed, CHAZ I'M GONNA COME! Give it to me baby I moaned as I kept going and she did, I knew she was at her climax and I was almost at mine, I gave one final thrust before I came and I collapsed into her on the bed. I pulled out of her and wrapped my arms around her waist. Are you okay babe? I panted, I'm perfect she smiled, and it smells like Miss Dior mixed with Drakkar Noir. She grinned and I said, no babe, thats what our sex smells like. I pulled the condom off and tied it up before tossing it to the floor, wrapping my arms around her once more, and pulling the sheets over us. Goodnight Kate I mumbled, Goodnight Chaz she responded.

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