I Have Cryed For Him

Its been 11 Years since Scorpios and Lily got married at Hogwarts and had there twins Tesa and Louis. Tesa Louis and there cousins Kassity and Tom. Kassity is Albus and Mily's daughter Mily is Luna LoveGood daughter and also Neville daughter. Tom is James and Holly Brown Is Josh Brown and Katelyn Chowdee. Tesa is a light red head with platinum blound highlights and she is good at everything and loves to read and Happy is amazing on a broom,Louis is a Platinum blound Sex god all the girls want him he is also good on a broom but a beater chaser his sister is a beater and he is amazing with a wand but his best is to make people love him him and his sister are the best. This is there 3 year and everyone wants a taste of the twins and there famly for how rich they are lets see this shall we ??!!! here are what houses there in Gryffindor but the twins are in Slythren.There is also a boy jus like Draco but her has Blound hair and blue eyes and is a Slythren and he has a crush


2. Back in my room (Louis)

I walked in to the hall way with Tes "So have you seen-" I was cut of I saw a girl and a boy reading a page of a book they are twins dark chestnut hair and blue snake eyes "Hey Kass do you know them Tom do you" they looked at each other and then shook there heads no "Okay" I looked at Tesa "Hey TEs you know them" she looked at them "NO Lou" I sighed "well lets go meet them" I walked up to them "hi" the girl looked up and smiled she's cute "Hello Im Tanya" she smiled "IM Louis" I shook her hand "And im her twin Dustin" he looked at Tes" Huh "this is my twin Tesa" she smiled "Who's your parents" they asked "Scorpios Malfoy and Lily Potter" we smiled "Who' your parents" I asked "Umm Bellatrix and Peter Louie" OH so The Louie there a rich family very "Okay Its nice to meet you what house are you in" they smiled slyly "Slythren you" I smiled "what year" "3" huh iv never seen them "Humm same are we me and Tes are also in Slythren" They smiled "what are you reading" Tesa asked them "Oh its about werewolves that's all father says he's good rep with them" Tanya says "Oh cool" I never though...oh well "Lets get going im hungry for some dinner" we walked and talked all the way to the great hall..

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