The Image Of Love

This is the story of Sam, Or kitty as the 1D boys, and the job she gets that makes it so she goes everywhere with them. She may only be fifth teen but, she falls for Harry, or H as she calls him.


3. Shopping

Sams POV


Perrie pulled me outside to a pink jeep. We got in and drove off. How ya doin came on and we sung along! We got to a boutique and we went in! We bought tons of stuff and then we went to the guys' house. We walked in the door and Harry smiled at me. He ran over and helped me with my bags and Zayn did the same for Perrie. "Oh yeah you and Perrie are gonna share a room." Zayn said and they grabbed the rest of our bags then Perrie dragged me up to our room! It was gorgeous! Perrie and I talked for hours. Then I revieled that I like Harry. She squealed. "He likes you too! He texted me saying how great you are!" Then I squealed. Harry walked in and mocked us by squealing like a girl. I giggled and Perrie winked at Harry!? "Uh kitty? I wanna show you something!" He winked backed at Perrie. I looked at her and she nudged me! Then I got scared! She rubbed me back and smiled. I smiled and then looked at Harry. He had his hand held out his hand and I nervously intwined our fingers and followed him out. He took me out side and then to a small door on the side. I looked at him. He grabbed a key out of his pocket and opened it. He crawled through and I went in after him. He helped me up and then I looked around. It was so pretty. It was like a royal room. I looked in the middle and there was a table with 2 plates and a vase of roses. I smiled at him. He smiled back. He slid my chair out and I sat down. Then he sat down and Louis popped out of the closet that was in the corner. I screamed. Harry gently grabbed my hand while he was laughing at me. Louis had a platter of seafood. I looked at Harry. "What's wrong?" "I'm allergic to seafood! Unless you want me to die, I shouldn't eat that!" "Oh! Then let's go get icecream!" He got up and crawled out of the small door. I crawled with him and looked at him again. "In lactose and tolerant!" He sighed and laughed. "How about we just go get a burger?" I smiled and nodded. I grabbed his hand and we went to McDonald's. It was fun. We went back to the door and entered the door laughing. "You really did that?" He nodded. I laughed even harder. Then I finally calmed down and looked deep into my eyes. He leaned in making me scared. "Uh I just remembered, I'm really tired. Night Harry…" I said and ran up to me and Perries room. Her!

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