Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


32. Heartbreaker

Aria pov

The beautiful day came to an end and I had to say bye to Justin. I wasn't ready. I felt like I was letting go but I knew for a fact I wasn't. We said our goodbyes and I stood there staring at the spot he was at. I couldn't believe I wouldn't be seeing him for 2 months. I know he had breaks but I made him promise to stay there and have fun. I stayed there until my mom told me Robert just landed. I looked around and seen Robert. I ran towards him and dug my face in his chest. 
Robert: you okay? 
Aria: yea I just.. I'm just going to miss him. 
Robert: how about we try and forget just for the rest of the weekend? Okay? 
Aria: okay! Bestfriend weekend! No distractions! Just us 3!! All weekend long! 
Robert: uhh.. Ari.. I forgot to tell you I came for smash fest and that's tomorrow...
Aria: oh.. Well that's okay! Ill go, I love music 
I smiled and so did he. We went to find everyone else. Becky had got here an hour before we had to drop off Justin so she was already here. I walked over to Becky and we walked out. 
Becky: ok so tomorrow I have to help my mom look for a house so that means...
Aria: we get to help pick out the house?!? 
Becky: yep and we decided to get a four bedroom!! 
Robert: what does that mean?!? 
Becky: basically aria has a room at our house.
I smiled and we went back to Justin's for the night.
I couldn't sleep at night until I grabbed a pillow and cuddled with it. Sleeping on a king size bed all alone is really not good. It was comfortable song get me wrong but I felt so lonely without Justin. 
Robert: hey get up!!
Becky: yea get off you butt were going to look at houses!! 
Aria: no go away! 
I pulled the covers up over my head and tried to fall back to sleep until I was hit. Ouch. I peeked my head out of the covers only to find Robert and Becky with pillows, smirking.
Aria: don't. You. Dare. 
Then I got attacked with pillows. I screamed and grabbed a pillow. We then had a pillow fight. 
Becky: ok! Lets get ready! 
We did just that! We got ready for the day but was going to come back and change for the smash fest. 
Aria: I liked the 3rd house we looked at! It had a pool, a pool house, 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, big kitchen and it was perfect! 
Becky: I liked the 5th one! It had everything that one did except it had a game room! 
Robert: I liked the little one! 
Aria&Becky: shut up Robert. 
Denise(aka Becky's mom): I actually liked both! 
Aria: but she liked the one I did more! 
Becky: no she liked mine more. 
Aria: nuhuh!! 
Becky: yuhuh! 
Aria: says who? 
Becky: says me! 
Aria: LIES! 
Becky: truths!! 
Denise: I actually really liked both. I think we should flip a coin for which one. 
Becky: UGH! Why do you get heads?!? 
Aria: I called it that's why! 
She brought out a coin and flipped it. It landed on heads. 
Aria: I win! Ha! 
Becky: ugh! Whatever! 
I stuck my tongue out at her and Denise signed the lease for the house. She put down the down payment and we left to shop for our outfits for tonight and furniture. 
Aria: I know how I want my room so ill do that!
Becky: same here! 
Denise: I need you guys help with my room and the house. Except Mingos room.
Becky: we all know he wants to decorate it himself! 
We walked off and went to the stores finding everything we needed. We all knew Mingo and the crew were getting their own house but we still let him have a room because we knew he would be over alot. 
The smash fest was so much fun! I spent most of it laughing next to Robert and Becky. They had me in the middle so I would talk to both and sing along to the songs I knew. It was a good night. I went home (to Justin's) and we all went into the theatre room and watched movies. It was so much fun. 
I got up to the smell of pancakes. Mmm... Perfect. I pushed the covers off of me and headed downstairs. I seen Becky and Robert in the kitchen. 
Aria: morning guys 
Becky: morning love 
Robert: morning beautiful 
I smiled and heard my phone ringing, so I ran upstairs to get my phone. I slipped trying to get it and got up answering the phone 
Aria: hello? 
I said it out of breath which probably sounded really wrong like I was just having sex or something.
Justin: are you okay? Are you busy? I can call you back if you w- 
Aria: no I'm not! I just ran upstairs for my phone and fell trying to get it. 
I giggled at my own stupidity. Then I heard justin chuckle.
Aria: so what's up? 
Justin: just thinking about my beautiful girlfriend. 
I blushed even though he couldn't see me. 
Aria: thanks for calling me beautiful. 
Justin: anytime beautiful. 
I blushed even harder 
Robert *calls from downstairs*: ARIA THE FOODS READY!! 
Justin: Robert? 
Aria: yea. Him and Becky made breakfast. 
Justin: ohh..
Aria: yea.. Babe I miss you! 
Justin: I miss you too! I don't know how I'm going to survive these next 2 months without you! 
Aria: you will survive. *mumbles* it's me I'm worried about
Justin: what was that? 
Aria: nothing.
Justin: IM COMING. Babe I have to- 
Aria: duty calls.
Justin: I love you so much baby.
Aria: I love you too. Good luck at the show.
Justin: I'm missing you though, your my Goodluck charm.
Aria: aww... Now go be JUSTIN BIEBER! 
I tried to say it in my best nicki Minaj voice but failed miserably. He chuckled and told me bye once again. Then he went on stage. I walked down to the dinning room and they were eating with a plate set up for me. I sat down and ate in silence. 
Becky: he'll be back before you know it. 
Aria: yea.. 
Robert: yes! Now I have a great idea! 
Becky: WE have a great idea! 
Aria: what is it? 
Becky: SHOPPING!! 
Aria: uhh-oh. 
They laughed and I had to go get ready. As I was getting ready my iPod started going off non stop. I sighed knowing it was probably Becky spamming me again but it wasn't. It was mahomies and beliebers going off on me. What the hell? I got on the trends and the top trend was aria Hernandez. I clicked it and all the pictures were of me at the smash fest with Robert. They cropped out Becky and zoomed in on me and Robert. It looked like we were on a date but we weren't. Then there was a picture of when I had something in my hair, Becky tried getting it out but I moved away to do it myself. Then Robert got it out. All of the pictures were the truth but the pictures showed a different message then what actually happened. I sighed and looked at the rest of the tweets. 
"Go die" "Justin doesn't even care" "your a whore" "who did you sleep with first? Justin or Robert?" "Your just using them for their fame" "stop whoring around" "why don't you just die already?" 
I broke into sobs and decided this ends today! 
Aria: BECKY!! Can you come here?!? 
Robert: I'm coming to! 
Aria: I'm changing I need help!
Robert: oh then nevermind..
Becky: what's up? 
I pulled her inside and told her everything. Occasionally letting a few tears fall. Then we decided to deactivate that twitter account and make a new one, and Instagram. I was moving in with her and not coming back to Justin's. it's over between us because I don't need to hold him back or be the reason his career falls. I also knew this was the last time ill ever see Robert. So we spend the day together, perfect. 
Robert left and I was officially moved in to this house. My mom and cousin still stayed at Justin's and I knew that was best. I stayed with Becky and once I make money I will buy a bigger home for all of us. 
Becky: so movie day? 
Aria: yes!!! 
During safe haven I fell asleep. A deep sleep.
Justin's pov 

It's been a week and I hadn't heard from aria. She deactivated her twitter and Instagram, she hasn't answered my calls or texts and on top of that her mom said she moved out of our house! I need to go out there and soon! I called her again.
Aria: hello? 
Justin: aria? Is that you? Is it really you? 
Aria: y-yea? 
Justin: why haven't you texted back or called or anything?!? 
Aria: Justin its over. I can't do this whole fame thing with you. I want to do it without your help. I'm sorry. 
With that she hung up and I felt my heartbreak into so many pieces. I used that to finish heartbreaker. So I went in the studio and made the most emotional song one can make. 
"You don't see, cause what you don't see, is when we don't speak
I really don't sleep, I wanna talk to ya
And if I had the world in my hands I'd give it all to ya
I wanna know if you feeling, the way that I'm feelin'
I wanna know if you feeling, the way that I, the way that I
You told me to be careful with your heart, your heart
You told me to be careful with your heart, your heart, With your heart" 
As the last words were replayed to me I knew I would officially start my music Mondays next week. The only reason I kept them waiting was because I wasn't ready and had only a few songs. Now I am, I'm ready to let them in my life. 
Aria pov 

Letting go of Justin hurt. I've been crying since. I mean I don't stop. I've been going in and out of the studio recording songs I never knew I could make up. Next week we will announce my signing to Hollywood records along with my song, One and Only. I'm nervous but excited. I just wish Justin was here for me. 
"@justinbieber: get ready because I'm telling you everything #musicmondays"
"@justinbieber: first up #heartbreaker" 
I stopped and had to reread. You don't think he wrote it towards me. No. He finished the song before. "I only have the chorus" it rung through my head. I couldn't do it. I had to hear this song! Don't tell me I'm his heartbreaker. Please don't! 

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