Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


18. Fate

Aria pov

Robert: are you ready to come home? 
Aria: actually I'm not going home.. I'm going to stay here for a couple of days.. 
Robert: aria you have school you can't just miss it.. 
Aria: Justin needs me and I can't just leave him. Your welcome to stay as well..
Robert: hell yea I'm staying! I'm NOT leaving you and him alone! 
Aria: what's that suppose to mean?
Robert: well I mean look what happen with us after your break up with him. I'm not going to let that happen with you and him. 
Aria: are you saying you don't trust me? First off we were BROKEN UP and I had the right to do whatever I wanted!! Plus I told you I wasn't ready afterward! You know what just leave! Leave now!! 
Robert: aria I didn't mean it like that..
Aria: but that's the way you said it! Robert you know me better than anyone else and you expect me to believe you don't think I will cheat? I have only cheated once in my life and that was 3 and a half years ago!! 
Robert: I know.. Aria I'm sorry.. 
Aria: I think you should leave. 
Robert: does this mean were over? 
Aria: it means I need time..
Robert: ok well my flight leaves in 2 hours so can I stay here till then? 
Aria: yea..
He stayed there and we talked and laughed. It wasn't like he was my boyfriend it was like I had my bestfriend again. I wanted that. I honestly didn't want him as more. I love Robert, I do. But it doesn't feel right, it feels like I'm dating my brother, the one who will always protect me. I decided to tell him.
Aria: robert.. 
I choked on my words.
Robert: yea? 
Aria: I can't be with you..
Robert: I know.. 
Aria: you know? 
Robert: yes I know. Aria I know you love me but your scared you loose me and I know it doesn't feel right. We're bestfriends and it hurts me to say this but you fell in love with someone else. 
I nodded, smiling with tears falling down. 
Robert: I never thought this would hurt so much. I understand though. What will we tell Austin's fans? 
Aria: that were over.. Say we dated for a year and a half  since that's how long we had feelings for each other. But we wanted to stay bestfriends.
Robert: I guess that's best.. Well my flight leaves in 30 minutes so I better get going..
Aria: yes you should. 
Robert: as long as I won't have to run after the plane.
We both laughed because a year ago he missed his flight and ran after it. He winded up staying another week with me. 
Aria: bye bestfriend. 
I kissed his cheek
Robert: bye beautiful
He walked out and I grabbed my phone and dialed the only number I knew. 
Justin: hello? 
Aria: hey come pick me up! Why did you leave? 
I tried to sound hurt but I wasn't very successful. 
Justin: haha! You were with your boyfriend.. 
Aria: ex boyfriend. So are you coming or not?
Justin: yes! This causes for celebration! 
Aria: oh shut up and get here. 
Justin: I Already am.
Aria: but I thought you left? 
Justin: I did to get some food and then I've been in the parking lot for 30 minutes. 
Aria: oh my gosh your such a loner!
Justin: only when I'm not with you
I could hear the smirk in his voice. 
Aria: ha-ha very funny. Just come up.
Justin: here! 
I looked straight into his eyes. He was hiding his feelings but they weren't very hard to read. He was happy but also sad. I wonder why. 
Aria: are my things at your house? 
Justin: yep. Why did you pack so much when you were only staying in New York for a day?
Aria: reasons 
I smiled at him. No one knew the real reason why I came to LA yes it was partially because of Justin but also because... Wait I'm not telling anyone. It's still a secret. My mom knows I'm here and she wanted to fly out but I told her ill tell her when she could. 
Justin: where to? 
Aria: your house so I can get ready then I need your keys. 
Justin: haha yea right.
Aria: hahaha it was worth a try. Well I have a meeting that I need you to drive me to please. 
Justin: where? 
Aria: tell you after. 
Justin: ugh fine.
I turned up the radio and the way was playing. I sang along and justin was just laughing at me. When we got to his house I hurried up and got out. When I got inside I was mesmerized. It was huge and beautiful..
Justin: so what time is your meeting? 
Aria: 2 hours. Where's my clothes? 
Justin: my bedroom, follow me. 
I followed him to his room and it was huge. He opened a couple of drawers and sure enough there was my clothes. 
Aria: uh justin did you? 
Justin: yea why? 
Aria: nothing nevermind. Well shower? 
Justin: through that door. Ill be in the movie theater. 
Aria: you have a movie theatre!! 
Justin: yep.
Aria: oh my gosh! 
Justin: haha ill give you a tour when we get back ok? 
Aria: ok
I smiled at him and grabbed my things  to get in the shower. As I stepped into the shower I let my body relax as the hot water hit my body. Slowly falling down from my hair all down my body. I relaxed and started singing. I habit I obtained a long time ago. 🎶"If I could take away the pain and put a smile on your face baby i would, baby I would. if i could make a better way, so you can see a better day."🎶
 When I got out I stared at myself in the mirror. I observed all of my features and I look at all of my flaws. after I was ready to go to the meeting that decides my fate.
( )
Aria: hey justin I'm ready.
Justin: ok let's go. 
Aria: wait weren't you suppose to be in the theatre?
Justin: yea well I wanted to lay down. 
Aria: lazy! Ok let's go! 
He got up and looked at me up and down. He smiled and I blushed. He opened the car door for me and we left. 
Justin: where to? 
Aria: Hollywood records... 
Justin: ok
He didn't ask questions, which was weird. When we got there i got out and smoothed out my outfit and went inside. "Ms. Hernandez?" A young girl in her mid twenties asked.
Aria: yes that's me. 
Lady: follow me.
Justin followed me every step of the way. When I got inside the head of Hollywood records was in there. My stomach twisted and I couldn't talk very much.
"Hello miss Hernandez. So I'm sure your wondering why your here?"
Aria: yes I am..
"Well we were made aware of your little duet with Justin bieber and we also seen your cover of demi lovatos song.."
I was speechless. The label that demi lovato is signed to seen my cover!!
"Well we were wondering if you would like to join are label?"
I blinked a couple of times and Justin was kinda shocked. I couldn't move and I couldn't think straight. I have wanted to be a singer all my life and now I'm getting signed to Hollywood records?!? The record my inspiration, Demi Queen Lovato is signed to? This can not be happening.
"Ms. Hernandez?"
Aria: yes?
"We have the contract prepared. That is if you want to sign.."
Aria: I would be honored to be on your label. 
I grabbed the pen and signed the paper that decides the rest of my life. I couldn't believe this. I'm officially signed to Hollywood records!! This is a dream come true!!!!!

A/n just another update I hope you enjoyed. Well can you all do me a favor and go check out my bestfriends movellas. They are mesmerized (Harry styles fanfic) and sinking (romantic story) by unsink4ble. Maybe if she gets more likes we get more updates ;) lol
Well thank you guys for continuing to read my story. I promise you guys I won't end anytime soon. I love you all!! :*

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