Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


13. Crying

Arias pov
Aria: stop! Stop Robert! 
Robert: what? Did I do something wrong?
Aria: this feels wrong. I love you but not in that way. I feel something for you but it's not the same as I feel for Justin. I'm sorry. I can't..
Robert: I'm... I'm sorry..
Aria: hey. Your my bestfriend. I don't want to loose you but let's take it slow. Ok?
Robert: ok
Me and Robert got up and went to his room. We laid on the bed and talked. He called Alex and Alex came. 
Becky: what did you do?
Aria: nothing? Why?
Becky: your all over the news..
Aria: whoa what?!?
I grabbed the remote and I seem me.
"Justin's new girlfriend caught with Robert?" 
"This just in that aria Hernandez has been dating Justin Bieber. Last night they were caught getting into an argument. Earlier she posted a picture of her and 2 people's feet. The picture caused much controversy and we believe that is why her and Justin fought. This morning we caught her shoving her tongue down Robert, Austin Mahone's bestfriends throat. Will know more on the story later" 
Aria: WHAT THE HELL!!! Who took those pictures! There's nothing going on with me and Robert!!
Becky: tell the reporters that..
Aria: how did they find this out. Me and Justin are over and what the hell?!?
Robert: I think we should just calm down and go visit your parents.
Alex: he's right. There's not much we can do. We might as well go to your parents house. 
I agreed and they got my bags and we left. I covered up and put on a blonde wig. Alex and Becky brought me it. I hurried out the suite and went down hand in hand with Robert. Reporters surrounded us. 
"Robert who is she?" "Is it true you stole aria from justin""where is aria now" "is this girl your girlfriend" 
Aria: my name is... Hazel and I'm your girlfriend ok? 
I whispered to Robert. I had black sunglasses on so they wouldn't recognize me. 
"Hey Roberts girlfriend! Over here!"
Robert: her name is hazel!!!
"Is she your girlfriend?""does she know about you and aria" "are you in love with her or aria?"
Aria: let's get out of here. Now!
We got in the car and we shook the pap off of us. When we got to my parents house I hurried in. 
Mom: aria what's going on? And why are you blonde? 
I took off my wig and told her everything. She understood. Are plan was to say hazel was my twin sister and she was with Robert not me. I had my mom go get me some hazel contacts to make it more believable. 
That's when the pap found us. I quickly got out the wig on and went outside. My mom pretended to be me instead of hazel. 
"Hazel": I'm hazel and leave aria alone. Aria (I pointed to my mom) is not using anybody. Ok? She is not with Justin and not with Robert. That was me. I was with both guys. Justin fell in love with aria and I pretended to be her. Robert fell in love with aria as well. I played both of them and I'm sorry. You will never see me again.
I walked off and went inside. Me and my mom talked and were going to give a random girl in the restroom my clothes and $250 to pretend to be hazel and leave. We did as the plan said. When we got there we tricked everyone. I walked out as a regular plain girl with a hat on. And got a cab to meet my mom. When I got home I laid down. 
Mom: so what are you going to do? 
Aria: what? 
Mom: are you going to choose Robert or Justin? 
Aria: neither. No more Justin and Robert will always be just my bestfriend. 
Mom: ok well get Ready. We're leaving in a couple of minutes. 
I got ready and went with my mom. Robert and Alex left with Becky and were going to meet us up there. I really was in a bad mood. I didn't want to do anything but stay in my bed and cry. 
We got there and we all just laid in the grass. We had music and there was water slides but I didn't want to do anything. I stayed on the blanket we had and just laid there staring at the blank page before me. I fell asleep and I didn't notice. I woke up to Becky trying to wake me up. 
Becky: aria! Aria get up the fireworks are about to start. 
I groaned. But opened my eyes. Everyone was staring at me.
Aria: what?
Alex: uhh..
Aria: what?
Robert: you were crying in your sleep..
Aria: I was what? 
I touched my face and felt the tears. I wiped them away and reassured everyone that it was just a nightmare. The fireworks started and I just watched. Tears tried to escape my eyes but I refused to let them. I let my fake smile appear and when they were done I went home. Alex, Robert and Becky were going back to their suite because tomorrow is when the boys check out. They invited me but I refused. When I got home I was back to being a normal no one cares about her girl. I got on Instagram and seen Alfredo posted a video. It was of their Fourth of July party and selena was in it. I looked on twitter and seen that Justin and selena were caught with his arms wrapped around her. I couldn't help but cry. I ran into the restroom and cried. I grabbed the razor and pressed it down on my skin. I picked it up and threw it across the restroom. I cried and cried. I called a taxi and went to the boys hotel. When I got there I went up and as soon as they seen me they wrapped their arms around me. I cried so hard. They didn't ask any questions because I think they already knew. I went and laid on the bed and cried more and more. I took Austin's bed since he went back to Miami. I grabbed all the pillows and hugged them. My phone went off and I quickly picked up the phone. I didn't check who it was I just answered it. 
*phone conversation*
Aria: he- hello?
Justin: aria are you ok why are you crying? 
Aria: I'm- I'm fine. W-what d-do you w-want?
Justin: to tell you happy Fourth of July 
Random girl: justy come over here. Come take a shot with me! 
Justin: well i got to go...
Aria: go take a shot with selena. 
I couldn't hold back I started crying harder. 
The Boys and Becky rushed in and asked who it was. I couldn't speak.
Becky grabbed the phone. She put it on speaker. 
Becky: who's this?
Justin: Justin? Who's this?
Becky: it's Becky...
Justin: what's wrong with aria? Did I do something wrong? What's wrong with her?
Becky: why don't you go ask selena! 
She hung up the phone.
Aria: h-how d-d-did y-you kn-kn-know? 
Becky: we found out right before you came. We were about to go find you but you were already here. 
Aria: oh..
I cried more and they all crawled into bed with me. All hugging me. I let out a light laugh and then the world went dark. 

A/n sorry this chapter is kinda sucky just dealing with alot. You guys alot of facts about aria are actual facts about me. Other then the famous people stuff. Well...
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