Into The Darkness

This is the story of Aria..
she has many issues, she self harms, depressed and she is falling face first...
she meets justin bieber 4 days before his concert in dallas..
can he catch her as shes falling or is it to late?


19. Beautiful Little Secret

Aria pov
I couldn't believe this! I'm signed to the label I have loved from day one. I stayed talking and when I got back to Justin's I had to tell everyone!! Robert called me and I answered quick.
Aria: oh my gosh!! Guess what?!?
Robert: what?
Aria: I'm signed to Hollywood records! I'm going to move him in a couple of months and were announcing it tomorrow!!
Robert: no way! That's why you wanted to stay?
Aria: yep
I said popping the p. 
Robert: I'm sorry about the fight, but why didn't you tell me?
Aria: well I didn't want anyone to be there and Justin came because he drove me but no one knew but my mom.
Robert: oh.. So this means we get to see you less...
Aria: we? Oh Alex is there?
Alex: yep!!! 
Aria: hey Alex. Uhmm.. Don't be negative. Of course I'm going to make time for you guys you are the most important people to me!
Justin: *screams from downstairs* WHAT DOYOU WANT TO EAT?!? 
Aria: YOU PICK!! Sorry guys.
Alex: no problem. So are you and Justin together now?
Aria: no. No more relationships. 
Robert: that's good focus on your career.
Alex: why are you so jealous? Your the one that took her from him.
Robert: no i didn't! And I'm not jealous! 
Alex: stop lying to yourself Robert. He is jealous.
I giggled at their petty fight.
Aria: ok guys well if anything happens between me and Justin you guys will be the first on my list ok?
Alex: we better be! 
Aria: haha! I have to go I think justin is burning something.
Robert: bye beautiful.
Alex: bye ari
Aria: bye boys 
I clicked off the phone an went downstairs. It smelled like something was on fire.  I followed the smell and got into the kitchen. I stood there with my arms crossed and giggled at  Justin's  frustration. 
Aria: what are you attempting to make?
He jumped at the sound of my voice then relaxed and blushed.
Justin: chicken Parmesan
Aria: maybe not. Need help because you kinda burnt the chicken... 
Justin: yea I did. 
Aria: how about you just make the other ingredients and ill make this one? 
Justin: deal!
He cooked the noodles and made the sauce. We had his phone on and when slave to the rhythm came on I started dancing. I was swaying my hips and singing along. Justin came from behind me and did the dubstep part with me. When he did that he turned me around and pressed his lips against mine. I smiled in the kiss because I missed the feeling of his lips. That spark ignited and lit up my whole body. He then picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. We kissed passionately but I broke the kiss. He pouted.
Aria: oh no, don't pout. We have to finish dinner. 
Justin: fine but I need you back in my arms. 
I turned around to go over the stove. He wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder watching me cook.
Aria: you know it's not nice to distract the person cooking?
Justin: well maybe the person cooking should kiss me then ill stop. 
I turned around and pecked his lips then turned back to the food. I got the plates and started putting them together. Justin just pouted the whole time. 
Aria: why are you pouting?
Justin: because I want a real kiss
Aria: that was a real kiss!
Justin: no it wasn't, I mean a real real kiss. 
Aria: ugh! Your such a guy! 
I went over and kissed him but I got caught up in the moment. When he pulled away I pouted. 
Justin: lets eat ok?
He pecked my lips and I nodded and grabbed my food and went to the table. I ate my food then went into t
Justin's room and laid down. So far the only rooms I know is his, the kitchen and the living room. He house is huge and I want to see the rest. I put on my bathing suit and walked outside. It didn't take me that long to find the pool. When I put down my phone and towel I jumped in the pool. I relaxed as I floated on top with my eyes closed just listening to the water. I then got pulled under water. I fought my way back to the top and Justin was laughing. 
Aria: that is not funny!! 
I got out the pool and went to the jacuzzi. I closed my eyes as I sat in the jacuzzi relaxed. That's when Justin pecked my lips.
Justin: sorry babe..
Aria: mmhuh.
Justin: I really am. 
He sat beside me in the jacuzzi and my phone rang. I got out and answered it.
Aria: hello?
Mom: so your signed?!? When can I come out there?!?!?
Aria: well were announcing it tomorrow so whenever. We will get a hotel and stay there.
Mom: sounds like a plan. How are you and Justin? 
Aria: we're ehh.. I mean we might be back together or might not be. I'm not sure. I'm a little confused.
Mom: ok love well ill see when I can come out there then ill text you. 
Aria: okay
I clicked and jumped back into the big pool. Justin came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. 
Justin: don't be mad.. Are you mad?
Aria: a little.
Justin: come on babe I was just messing with you. 
Aria: I know
Justin: can I get a kiss? 
I turned around and leaned in. When he closed his eyes I grabbed the top of his head and pushed him under water.
Justin: oh that's it!!
I laughed at him and then he wrapped his arms back around me. I squealed and wrapped myself around him. 
Justin: your cute when your wrapped around me.
I laughed and then we kissed. We got deeper in the kiss and he grabbed my ass. I stopped kissing him. 
Justin: what's wrong? 
Aria: I'm not ready justin..
Justin: I'm not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do unless you don't want to kiss me...
I laughed at him and pressed my lips against his. I felt his smile in the kiss and I smiled too. When we pulled away I got out of the pool. I wrapped the towel around me and went inside. I got in the shower and took a long hot shower. It was relaxing and it was exactly what I needed. When I got out Justin was already laying down. It was barely 9 and Justin was on his phone. My iPod was blowing up so I knew he was twitter. One of his tweets were "I think it's cute how you guys get notifications when I tweet. I blushed because I knew he was referring to me. When I walked up to him I stood leaning on the wall. He looked up at me smiling and grabbed my waist pulling me down on top of him. I laughed and moved to his side. He still had his arms wrapped around me and this time he stared into my eyes.
Justin: your beautiful...
Aria: thanks 
I said hiding my face in his neck. 
Justin: the best part is your all mine, forever and always.
Aria: am I? 
I said teasingly. Then my phone rang, it was Robert. 
Aria: hello? 
Robert: hey aria what's up? 
Aria: I'm about to go to sleep for the big day tomorrow.
Robert: oh.. Well good luck and uhm.. They know...
Aria: know what?
Robert: that were over...
Aria: how do they know?
Robert: I told them..
Aria: what did you say?
Robert: I told them that it wasn't the same and we wanted to stay bestfriends.. And....
Aria: and?
Robert: yea...
Aria: and what Robert?
Robert: and that your still in love with your ex..
Aria: you what?!?
I grabbed my iPod and everyone was calling me a bitch.
Robert: aria I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! It's the truth! Please forgive me?!?
Aria: of course I forgive you but you need to straighten this out. I don't know how but you need to.
I hung up on him and went to the restroom. I sat on the floor crying. The door opened and I couldn't make out the person because my eyes were full of tears. 
Justin: shhh.. It's ok. Your not a bitch, your perfect to me.
Aria: I- I screwed up and I don't know h-how to fix it!
Justin: we will figure it out together, as a couple. 
Aria: Justin can we stay a secret until I get my career up. That way no one thinks I'm using you?
Justin: I don't want that but I guess we could do that.. 
Aria: please don't guess say yes because I don't need anymore hate right now..
Justin: yes then, your my beautiful , perfect secret 

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I still love you guys :*

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