The Return of King Arthur

History assignments never seem to go as planned.

Spin-off to the BBC One TV show "Merlin". Hope you like it!!!!! (Btw.. the show is really good!!! Strongly recommended!!!) (ALSO ON WATTPAD! I have the same username on there as well.)


3. The Return

Camille tapped her watch, as if trying to make it move for in fact it had stopped while she was reading. She checked the time on the nightstand beside her bed. 23:49pm. Stunned with herself, she picked up the book and went to go find her nightgown. As she pulled it over her head, she realized that she had saved the best for last. Camelot was still sitting on her bed, the first page flipped. Since their boarding school was very strict on energy consumption, Camille pulled a couple of wax candles and lit them with the matches the school provided for such occasions. She turned to see Lilliana snoring away on her bed. Camille figure that she had probably gone to sleep waiting for Camille to play cards with her, like they did every night. She headed back towards her bed, jumped on it and then fixed herself so she could cross her legs and started flipping through the pages. After a couple of minutes, she got to a strange looking page that had very decorative writing on it. Only after reading some paragraphs did she realize that it was written in Welsh. The next two pages were even weirder. On the left side was scribbled drawings and notes about anything and everything you could possibly think of. And on the right side…

"Wow." Camille whispered. It was one paragraph of simple, yet elegant handwriting. She read aloud. As she reached the middle of the paragraph, the book started to give off a little glow. She hesitated a little bit, but kept reading. Only then did she realize that she was chanting. Petrified, she went on. The words on the page started to rearrange themselves. She read it and became even more astonished. Right after the chant, she said to the book…

"Lilliana comes with me where ever I go. And-" she choked a little bit. "Max and James do too…" as she said that, she immediately regretted it. The book started to give of a stunning bright light. She dropped the book on the ground and ran over to Lilliana's bed. "Lilliana. Lilliana, wake up. Wake up!" She said as she shook her friend awake.

"What's going on?" Lilliana asked groggily. She took one look at the glowing book in the middle of the floor which was getting brighter and brighter as we speak. She was filled with fear. "What in bloody hell is going on?!?" She screamed, but it was overpowered somehow by the book.

"I did something, and I'm terribly sorry." Camille starts to ramble.

"What do you mean!!?" Lilliana shrieked.

"I read something in Welsh and it turned out to be a chant and then the book started to go and now we are faced with the dilemma we are in now." Camille explained as she started to talk a mile a minute. Lilliana started to understand what was going on, as Camille went into panic mode. The light started to get even brighter. In a usual story, that's a horrible thing. In this case, it actually saved them. Camille could barely see Lilliana or the bedroom anymore. In fact, she started to see something that looked like a Medieval village, although it looked a little more ancient. As the light started to die down, Lilliana started to panic as well. As soon as the light died, Camille's suspicions of the Medieval village were coming true. Something she didn't expect was Max and James lying face down in horse poop. She stifled a laugh. She got up and went to make sure they weren't dying, or she'd feel really bad. She flipped both of them over. They were still them stupid selves, just covered in horse poop. Lilliana had followed her.

"What happened? Why are they here?" She asked, as she turned to look in the direction of the clopping of horse hooves were coming from. "Where are we?"

Camille squinted and saw the red capes coming off of the men riding the horses. "Lilliana…" she said excited. "Welcome to Camelot."

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