Harry One-Shots

Harry One-Shots!!!

I entrancingly watch the droplets fall on his eyebrows and down his cheek as he thinks about what I just said.

“You’re right... Well I’ll fuck that.” He gives up, lifting me up from the water only to drop me back down on his member.

“God Harry,” I groan as he fills me up. He smirks.

“You said you didn’t want the slow, meaningful stuff.”

“But a warning would’ve been nice don’t you think?” I pout, flicking his face.

“Mm... Feels like a déjà-vu, don’t you think?” He retorts raspily, his hands resting on my waist. “Quite a dandy one in fact. Why would you need warning? Surprises are much more fun...”


1. Dandy Déja-Vu


“Harry where in the world are you taking me?” I whine, not being able to carry my feet anymore. We had been walking for nearly an hour now, and my shoes were starting to kill my feet. Damn you, Louis, for dressing me up. Although I was quite thankful the dress he forced me to wear was flimsy and comfortable. It allowed the summer breeze to caress my skin once in awhile. It was soothing.

“Harry!” I moan again. “I can’t walk anymore! Where is the place we’re going? Please?”

“Well if I told you, it’d ruin the point of all this being a surprise now, wouldn’t it?” Harry answers, turning around to give me a dimpled grin. I can’t help smiling back, rolling my eyes at the same time.

“But I already know the surprise!” I groan.

“No you don’t.” He denies.

“Yes I do.” I argue.

“Then what is it?” The curly-haired boy counters, stopping in his tracks. He crosses his arms over his chest and looks down at me. It’s almost intimidating. Almost.

“We’re going on a picnic.” I say carefully, pointing the basket he had in his hands.

“Duh. But the picnic isn’t the surprise love.” He chuckles, shaking his head. He ruffles his curls once before he starts walking again.

“Is sex the surprise?” I question, voice diminished of a tone or two.

“No. We aren’t gonna have sex today.”

“Then what is it?”

“You aren’t a very patient person hmm?” The curly-haired boy chuckles, shaking his head.

“Not exactly.” I admit, stepping in his tracks.

“Hmm. We’ll have to work on that. In the end all good things come to those who wait, no?” He turns around briefly to wink at me. Huffing, I stay silent and continue following behind him, looking at his feet and making sure mine stepped at the exact same place. Problem with that: I didn’t know when he’d stop. Which is just what he does a few minutes later, making me slam directly into his back.

“Oww!” I complain. “A warning would’ve been nice!”

“I know. But don’t you think this is nicer?” Harry asks, motioning in front of him. All I can do is gape. The scenery was quite simple really. There was lush green grass strewn for about a mile in front of us, with white dandelion scattered everywhere and a small lake to little lower down to our left. It was the simplicity of it all that was so amazing. The fact that it was quiet, but screaming with life, open but reserved, made it all the more breathtaking and thoughtful.

I bend down slightly, picking up one of the fluffy white flowers. I blow on it lightly, watching intently as the little seeds flew away. Freely. I sigh, a little down. I realise Harry was talking all along just as he finishes.

“―so I thought that we could picnic near the lake, the air is fresher. What do you think?” Harry ends.


“Soph?” Harry questions uncertainly. “Do you like it? We can also picnic elsewhere I don’t mind...”

“Eh...I guess it’ll do.” I smile, before pushing him. “Race you to the water!” I holler laughing before breaking into a run. He laughs and starts sprinting behind me. Dandelion seeds start flying everywhere, making me giggle even harder than before.

“I’m gonna be there first!” He yells, not far after me.

“No you won’t!”

“Don’t be so sure!” The curly-haired boy winks as he dashes beside me. I shake my head, close on his heels. He stops a few meters in front of the water, places our picnic basket on the ground and pulls his shirt off, staggering as he tries to continue advancing towards the water. I run right next to him, slipping my shoes off before diving into the lake without bothering to remove my clothes.

The water is cool and refreshing against my clothed skin, and I stay underwater for longer than necessary, appreciating the contact.

I smirk once I finally pull my head out of the water. “Who’s first now?”

“You cheated!” He protests, crossing his arms over his tattooed chest. He’s standing only in his boxers, and I can’t help admiring him from head to toe. Harry approaches the shore carefully, a playful frown on his face.

“Did not. I was just brave and dove in with my clothes on!”

“You know what would’ve been even braver?” He asks.

“No, but I have a feeling you’re about to tell me...” I tease.

“Hmm. What would’ve been really brave, would’ve been to go naked, as in skinny dipping.” He says, wriggling his eyes brows suggestively before diving into the water.

I stay immobile, a little astounded by his answer before searching around for him in the water. Due to its lack of clearness, I come up empty handed. Suddenly, I feel his hands wrapping around my calves, lifting me up and out of the water. I yell and laugh as he hauls me up higher and higher, until I lose my balance, and fall backwards into the water with a squeal.

I’m wheezing as I come back up to the surface, face to face with Harry’s dimpled grin. I pout a little, splashing him. He laughs and shakes his curls, tossing his wet hair out of his face.

“So... Are you gonna be brave?” The green-eyed boy questions, his hands playing with my drenched clothes under the water.

“I don’t know... Are you?” I counter.

“I have absolutely no problem with getting naked Soph, but I’m daring you to do it.” He challenges.

“I would but... my feet aren’t touching the bottom so I’d drown if I tried taking my clothes off.” I tease.

“I can touch the bottom, so I’ll hold you up,” He says innocently, his hands placing themselves on my stomach, as he lifts me up slightly.

I smile and shake my head, prying his fingers off my skin before swimming to the shore.

“Where are you going?” He asks, following me.

“I’m going to undress...” I say, lifting myself out of the water and walking to the picnic basket where Harry’s clothes lay. I turn around to look at him. “Don’t look.” I demand.

“Why? I’ve seen it all before...”

“Harry it’s just weird... it’s not like I’m giving you a show or something...”

“Are you gonna do that one day?”

“Give you a show?” I frown.


“Maybe... but not now. So turn around or I’m not going back in the water with you.”

He huffs, but turns around. I wait a couple seconds, making sure he wouldn’t take a peek, before peeling my dress off myself. I lift the dress off my head and take off my underwear.

The air is suddenly chilly, and I wrap my arms around myself, walking carefully near Harry. My stomach clenches uncomfortably as I see his boxers on the ground a few feet behind him. Taking a deep breath, I tiptoe silently next to him.

“You almost done?” Harry asks, voice raspy. Just as he turns around to check, I dive in the water beside him. Underwater, my thoughts are going wild, butterflies fill my stomach and nerves start kicking in as well. Calm down. Calm down Soph... Why are you even nervous? We aren’t gonna have sex... he said so earlier. It’s not because we’re swimming together, naked, that the situation is gonna change right?

I swim to the surface, brining my hair out of my face as I do so.

Harry swims closer to me, almost unsurely. Our eyes meet, and he bites his lip, staying silent. The atmosphere around us is meant to be peaceful, but it’s rather uneasy.

“Your eyes are blue.” He says, finally breaking the silence.

“Yeah I know...Harry are you nervous?” I laugh uneasily.

“No, just highly... attentive...”  He replies eyeing me sultrily. “Are you nervous?”

“No... Why would I be? It’s not like we’re gonna have sex, right?” I respond, a little anxiously.

“No, of course not...” The lustful look in his eyes tells me otherwise. He shakes his head, bringing us closer. “No we’re not going to have sex,” he mumbles, trying to convince himself. His gaze drops to my lips. “We’re not going to have sex,” he repeats, shaking his head once more. “We are not going to have sex because that isn’t what today is supposed to be about...”

I only realize that we’re getting closer when our noses touch, our breathing mingling.

“We’re not going to have sex,” he says again, his voice barely above a whisper. Before I know it, he’s latching our lips together in a heated kiss. His hands cup my face as my fingers intertwine in his wet hair; simultaneously bring us chest to chest. I shiver as my breasts press against his torso under the water, not used to the peculiar feeling. Harry suddenly pulls away.

“We’re not having sex right? We’re just kissing...” He pants, looking deep into my eyes....“Only kissing...” He groans, before resuming our kiss. He swiftly wraps my legs around his waist, eliciting a whimper from my mouth when my sensitive flesh makes contact with his skin.

I instinctively tilt my head backwards, giving him an easy access to my neck. He automatically seizes the opportunity, his lips aiming for the most vulnerable parts.

“Harry,” I moan lowly, my fingers tangling even more in his hair as he peppers my skin with kisses. Heat pools in my stomach as arousal takes possession of my body. And without doubt his, his member hardening near my thigh despite the cool water’s contact.

“Soph you are so pretty,” he mumbles against my skin. “Words can’t even do you justice...” he groans before showering my skin with more kisses.

“Harry... I think we’ll be having sex after all.” I breathe out. I pull him in for yet another kiss, smiling on his lips in content.

“No... We’ll be making love rather...” he disagrees between fervent kisses. “Soft, sweet, careful... Emotional.” He lists. “In a calm and serene atmosphere. Painless. Meaningful.” Harry goes on, eyes almost shinning.

 “Less talking, more love-making then,” I gasp, my fingers exploring his chest under the water while my mouth occupies his with something other than talking.

“No Soph I want this to be special...”

“Do you really? Because water sex isn’t gonna be in my top tens for sure...” I chuckle, trying to steady my unsteady breathing. “If you want it to be in my top tens, I’m expecting luxurious bed with rose petals and candles and all that cheesy stuff...” I continue.

“You’re demanding...”

“So are you.”

I entrancingly watch the droplets fall on his eyebrows and down his cheek as he thinks about what I just said.

“You’re right... Well I’ll fuck that.” He gives up, lifting me up from the water only to drop me back down on his member.

“God Harry,” I groan as he fills me up. He smirks.

“You said you didn’t want the slow, meaningful stuff.”

“But a warning would’ve been nice don’t you think?” I pout, flicking his face.

“Mm... Feels like a déjà-vu, don’t you think?” He retorts raspily, his hands resting on my waist. “Quite a dandy one in fact. Why would you need warning? Surprises are much more fun...”

“You are... are... I don’t even know!” I giggle, hands wrapping around his shoulders. “Did you use the adjective dandy as reference to the dandelions around us?”

“Maybe.” He smiles, lifting me up before making me go back down on him. The water causes everything to go smoother, making me whine in pleasure, almost as a mirror image to him. I shut my eyes in bliss as he continues his upwards thrusting, lips latching on a part of my skin every now and then.

“Harrryyy...” I groan as he hits the particular spot. Even underwater it’s a trigger.

“Hold on,” he instructs, before he starts pummelling inside me, hitting the same spot perfectly. An inhuman sound finally parts my lips open once more and Harry follows not long after. We’re breathing raggedly, foreheads pressed together. His grin is mocking as I’m holding onto him for dear life. I swear I’ll drown if he drops me. I’m so tired; swimming is out of the question.

“Harry... that was simply breathtaking...” I whisper. He kisses my lips softly before talking.

“I promise next time, it’ll be even more as I’m getting you that luxurious bed, the rose petals and the candles.... And whatever that’ll make you want to make it more meaningful.”

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