I Wish

Kirsty Evans is your regular 16 year old girl - she loves music, especially the boyband One Direction. In fact, her dream is just to meet them for one day.
She has just finished her GCSEs and is now recording her own homemade CD of her singing songs she has written. She hides her talent from everyone - even her dad who is a manager for some of the biggest musicians in the music industry.
One day, when she is least expecting it, she walks into her house after a day out in town with her friend to find the biggest surprise ever sitting on her sofa.


13. Wait... what?

Kirsty's POV

I stood in the doorway, listening in to Liam and Niall's conversation, trying to figure out why he stormed off of the beach.

'Well becuase... because... I like Kirsty, okay?'

At that, I gasped and their heads jerked towards me. 'Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I'll just go...' I drifted off and walked into my own room, locking the door after me. I sat on the edge of my bed, tears streaming down my face. I picked up my iPhone and checked my twitter; of course, the photo of Harry and I kissing on the beach was trending with comments like: Yayy! #Harsty are together! Totally EPIC!. Also, a photo of Niall, his face expressing anger, walking away from the beach.

Of course, that was why he stormed off. I didn't know he felt that way because if I did, I would have told Harry no. I would hate to be the cause of an argument between the boys.


Liam's POV

I left Niall alone for a moment to calm down and knocked on Kirsty's door. I was greeted by a pale, streaky face, which was unusual for Kirsty because she's always lively and happy. She stepped aside to let me in and I noticed her bag, packed on the bedroom.

'No, Kirsty, you don't really want to do this,' I told her and sat her on the bed.

'I don't want to do this, I have to. I have to go, I'm splitting you guys up. I'm sorry,' She said softly, standing up and hugging me tightly.

'What,' a croaky voice said behind us. Both mine and Kirsty's heads shot towards the door to see a tear stained face leaning on the door frame. It was Harry.

'Harry, I'm so sorry, you weren't supposed to see me before I went. I'm breaking you boys up and I hate that. I have to leave,' Kirsty sobbed and waked towards him.

'You were going to leave and not say goodbye to me?' Harry whispered.

'I just didn't want to hurt you, I'm sorry Harry,' she walked towards the door, kissed Harry on the cheek and walked out if the door, bag in her hand.

'No, no, please don't leave me Kirsty. I love you,' Harry called after her but she just carried on walking into the lift.

'Bye Harry,' she whispered as the doors closed. Harry ran straight towards the stairs next to the lift and dashed down them at full speed. I followed him down, ready to hold him back if he tries to chase after her. This is a mess.


Harry's POV

I shot down the stairs, reaching the lobby just as Kirsty was walking out the door.

'Kirsty, No!' I yelled and she just carried on walking. I tried to chase after her but a pair of strong arms were holding me back. 'Get the fuck off of me Liam!' I managed to break free of his tight grip but by that time, the taxi had already started driving away. That's it, I've lost her.

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