My passion

Ariana Grande auditions for a new role in the new tv show two girls one city but when she ends up kissing her co star she has to decide on living her dream or running away with her true love...


3. The Hospital

I woke up my vision blurred,I'm not sure what happened.I reach around tryig to figure out whats around me then i realize,I'm in a hospital.

"Why" i murmured.

"She's awake!" someone shouted.

"Thank god !" someone else screamed.

I recognized the voice it was my Mum.

"Mum?" i asked

"Yes it's me darling everything's ok."she comforted me

"What-what happened" i wondered

The doctor walked into the room

"I'm afraid Miss Grande-Butera he began,you collapsed."

"What!" i screamed struggling out of my bed.

"Sit down hun"my mum said worridly

"The cause is unknown but we'll try and find it out,but im afraid you'llk have to stay in hospital for a while."

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