Falling for You

Becca is an ordinary girl. Brown curly hair, sad blue eyes, she is nothing special. Her parents were divorced, her father was usually drunk when he was home, and her mother was about as kind as a rock. Becca decides to go on a walk, when he finds her. She feels insecure about everything. Her looks. Her accect. The cut on her wrist. Will he fix her? Or will Becca live in sorrow and insecurity forever?


1. Running

I ran away from my house. The place of nightmares. The place of your worst dreams. I ran to the only place i knew was safe: the city park. I hid in a tree. I could't climb that high, bacause i had never climbed a tree before. I hid there and cried. I cried, and cried, and cried. I thought no one would care that i was in a tree crying my eyes out, until a gentle voice spoke to me. "shhhhh. It's alright babe. Harry has you now." So. His name was Harry. I opened my eyes to see the cutest boy ever stroking my cheek. "hello, love." he whispered in my ear when i opened my eyes. "hello." I said. "whats your name?" Harry asked. "B-becca." i said. "I love your name, and you are beautiful." he said to me.

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