Life As Demi's Adopted Daughter (Demi Lovato Fan Fic)

After having a bad life soon changed and life is now something Skye can say thank you for...

Demi And Skye Lovato


6. Chapter 5 ~ Saving You...

~ Demi's P.O.V ~

It's been two days since Skye got upset at my parents house, since then she hasn't spoke as much I mean she will speak to me but not like she always does and if I ask her what's wrong she seems quite uncomfortable.

After I had eaten my breakfast I walked up to Skye's room to check if she was awake, I slowley opened the door and saw her curled up in a ball on the edge of the bed and I heard her small muffled cries escaping from her mouth. I walked over to her and sat with her as I rubbed her back I heard her keep repeating "I'm sorry" I sighed before pulling her onto my lap and removing her arms from around her fragile body.

"Baby, what's going on ?" I asked her, a tear fell down her cheek as she looked at me.

"Please don't be mad..." She said to me, I could see her eyes starting to water up again.

"I can't stop it..." She said carrying on the sentence, I kissed her forehead I knew exactly what she was talking about and I really needed to help her somehow the dancing will still put a bit of pressure on her and that's not good.

I looked at her whilst carfully pulling her chin up so she was looking me right in the eye.

"Show me your arms, please baby" I asked Skye, she pulled both of her sleeves up as she turned her arms around as she showed me.

I took them in and noticed straight away the new and old ones, I carfully trailed my thumb over all the red lines until there were no more.

"Stay here..." I told her before going into my own bathroom and taking out some bandages to cover the lines up and maybe help her stop as she wouldn't be able to cut in those places any more.

I walked back into her room and helped her put the bandages on.

"Baby I need to speak to you about this stuff ok...I went through a lot too" I said to Skye, she looked at me and nodded.

"I went to get help but think about it I was a lot older than you and your only eleven !" I said, she looked down at her now bandaged up arms.

"I know, mom...I don't want to go anywhere else I want you to help me I want to stay with you..." She told me I could her exspression was scared, I kissed her forehead.

"I promise I won't leave you,take you anywhere where your uncmofortable I promise that I will help you and you can stay here !" I told her, she smiled at me as she hugged me tightly.

"What do you want to do ?" I asked Skye, she looked up at me and shrugged her shoulders.

"Would you like to go shopping or watch a movie ?" I asked Skye.

"Um...Please can we go shopping ?" Skye asked, I smiled and nodded.

"Come on then lets go and get our shoes on and we can go" I told Skye before taking her hand and walking downstairs.

~ End Of P.O.V ~


~ Skye's P.O.V ~

As Demi drove out off the driveway we were greeted by the paparazzi, as they flashed their cameras Demi covered my face with her hand luckily she could drive with one hand. As soon as we got out onto the main road Demi drove faster but the paps ran for it to try and get pictures, Demi grabbed hold of my hand which made me turn around and look at her.

"Do you mind if I tell the world about you ?" Demi asked, I giggled.

"Isn't that your decision ?" i asked, Demi laughed.

"I don't mind whatever you want" I told her whilst smiling.

I watched as Demi grabbed a box out of her bag when we stopped at a red light she then chucked it onto my lap.

"Bracelets..." She said to me, she looked over at me quickly.

"Take the bandages off, I don't want the paps seeing I want you to be safe" Demi told me, I nodded before taking my bandages off and sliding the bracelets on.

We soon arrived to the mall and Demi parked her car in one of the driveways, Demi told me to wait for her so I did. I watched as she got out of the car and squeeze through the crowd of fans and paps before getting to my door, she opened the door and let me get out before closing it she held my hand whilst pulling me closer to her.

"Who's the girl Demi ?" One guy asked.

Demi stayed quiet.

"What's her name Demi ?" Another guy asked.

"If I tell you guys will you leave her alone ?" Demi asked them.

"Maybe" One guy shouted.

We got to the entrance and suddenly we were closed in by the paps and fans.

"Come on guys ! She's just a child !" Demi screamed at them.

They all moved and Demi ran into the mall with me. We walked through the mall whilst looking at all the stores, we walked to a store where there were very exspensive clothes I looked at Demi and raised an eyebrow.

"Dont worry I have enough money honey, you dont have to get loads I understand" Demi said whilst taking me around the shop and suddenly something caught my eye.


I walked over to a pair of boots with gold studs on and a black jacket with gold spikes on, Demi walked over to where I was standing and checked the labels before smiling at me she grabbed the boots and jacket before looking around for herself. I held her hand as we walked around the shop, Demi bought some bracelets and a jean jacket and my clothes before leaving the shop with me Demi walked to another store which was a kids shop well she told me that...we arrived and I was surrounded by tutus and other brightly coloured clothes I bought 3 tutus and a top which said "My Mom's A Superstar So Back Away Ya'll" We then made our way to the exit and we were greeted by an even larger crowd Demi pulled into her once again as we walked out and the questions were asked again...

"Ok her names Skye, Skye Lovato and shes my daughter. Thats all Im saying for now!" Demi said as we got into the car.

Demi drove us home and I soon fell asleep as we got halfway.

~ End Of P.O.V ~


~ Demi's P.O.V ~

I drove into the driveway and looked over at Skye, she was fast asleep. I went over to her side and picked her up whilst carrying her inside then went back out to get the bags once I put them indoors I picked Skye up and put her in my bed once again and took her bracelets of before wrapping her bandages on her arm then putting her pyjamas on carfully so I didnt wake her up, I then got my pyjamas on then took my hair out and getting into my bed before kissing the top of her head and falling asleep myself...

Shit I just realised something...

Skye needs to get some education, well something else to sort out...

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