Secrets I Can't Tell...

Jamie Horan, Lily Tomlinson, Darcy Styles, Lacey Payne, and Jewely Malik. You know that old boyband that everybody has forgetten? What was it called...Oh yeah, One Direction. Well, these are their little girls. And beautiful girls they are. But, these 5 little girls hold an amazing secret. A secret that could change their lives and their family's forever...

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10. Chapter 5 ~ The Fight


"Yeah Lou, you seem mad..." I whispered into Louis' ear.

"I need to talk to all the boys in private." he whispered back through gritted teeth.

"UH! BOYS! PRIVATE MEETING IN LIAM'S ROOM!" I shouted across the room.

There was a chorus of 'okay's and k's'.

We all walked to Liam's room.

"Anyone know what this is about?" Louis asked glaring at Niall.

Niall suddenly took a liking in his shoes.

"Niall what's going on?..." I asked confused.

"Well... this guy right here, had Jamie listening to One Direction..." Louis said trying to calm down.

"WHAT?! NIALL!" Liam shouted.

"Look, I didn't know... she had my IPod and found 'I Would'. I didn't think she would listen to it..." Niall said ashamed.

"Niall! You do realized they could recognize our voices, when do sing to them sometimes! Or even worse... they could look us up!!" I shouted.

"Look, maybe it's our fault for not telling them..." Niall whispered.

"No. We all agreed that we didn't want them to live the life we lived. We didn't want the fame to go to their heads. WE ALL AGREED!" Zayn said trying to be calm.

"Fine! I'll delete them before she can listen to them again." Niall sighed.

"Good. Now let's go enjoy our dinner." I said walking out. The boys followed.

"The girls are outside playing tag." Layla said, playing with James.

"I'll get them..." Liam said, walking out.

The girls came in sweating and panting. Their clothes were covered in dirt.

"Girls! Look at you... Go clean up for dinner." Mckenna sighed.

"Okay Aunt Kenna!" Lily said running upstairs, the girls following.

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