Somewhere, beyond our realm, lies the realm of the 'monsters'. This is the place where monsters like vamps, werewolves, witches, etc., can live without fear that humans will find them. There is one type of monster that is feared beyond all. They are the youkai. Nobody's really sure what they are, so they settled with the name youkai, which means monster in Japanese. They have super speed, excellent hunting skills, magical powers, perfect senses, and are more dangerous then all other momsters combined. This story takes you on a trip with Raven, one of the most powerful youkai there is. She is constantly bothered by Kalil, a handsome youkai who has had his eye on Raven since she was 13. Now its three years latee. What happenes when she's out hunting and meets a little girl. Normally, she'd just kill it for hunting on youkai grounds, but what if it's human? Humans aren't allowed in the realm of the monsters. So Raven is left with one question. How is a human in the realm of the monsters?


3. Marmalade.

Jasper landed a little way from camp. I slid off his back, but Kalil still seemed to be frozen. I just snorted and put a collar around Jasper's neck, then attached a leash. "Really. A collar AND a leash?" Kalil said, sliding off of Jasper. "You think you can have ME when you're afraid of a small dragon?" I retorted, pulling Jasper by his leash. He followed behind me obediently. "SMALL?! YOU CALL THAT SMALL?!?!" He said, following behind Jasper at a distance. "He's only 4, you know?" I said, walking into camp. He ran up to me and walked side by side with me. The triplets ran up to Jasper and hugged him. Kalil looked at me, then the triplets. I just shrugged. "JASPER!!!!" They shouted simultaneously. I led Jasper over to my area, then tied him to a tree. "Could you guys watch Jasper while I hunt?" "Of course!" Morgan said. He is the most talkative of the three. "Thanks guys." I told them before going to hunt. Kalil decided to come hunting with me. I would argue, but I was hungry, so I didn't really care.

  Once again, I was perched in a tree, only Kalil was with me this time. We had already caught 2 baby deer and 6 salmon and now we were both completely still, listening for the slightest sound. Suddenly, I heard something crying. I looked at Kalil to see if he heard it, and he had the same confused look I'm sure I had. I looked in the direction of the crying and Kalil nodded. We both jumped from branch to branch until we got right above the noise. I looked down, but couldn't see anything through the bushes, and the smell wasn't anyhing I had ever smelt before. I dropped down right in front of the bush, Kalil behind me. I looked through the bushes, only to be met with a high-pitched scream. "DAMN!" Kalil and I said at the same time, putting our hands over our ears. After the screaming had stopped, I looked back in the bushes. I saw a little girl that looked no more than 5. Her hair wasn't white though. It was a yellowish color, which meant she wasn't a youkai. I instinctively hissed and pounced. She squeaked and put her hands up over her face. Before I could tear her to shreds, I was grabbed by Kalil. "What is wrong with you?!?!" Kalil hissed at me. "Trespasser!" I snarled. "She's a little girl! Plus, how could a HUMAN hunt!" He yell-whispered. With that one word I froze. "Human?" I asked, instantly going limp against Kalil. "Yes, human. I don't know how, but look at her. Really look at her. She's the perfect image of a human that your parents told and showed us when we were little." He said softly, sitting me on the ground, then sitting next to me. By now, the little girl had buried herself deeper into the bushes. She kept sobbing and saying 'please don't hurt me.' "We won't hurt you. I promise. Just show yourself." Kalil said, standing and taking a few steps back. I followed, and after a few minutes, the girl came out of the bushes slowly. When she was fully out of the bushes, I looked at her, then realized Kalil was right. She was all scraped up and her nails were dull, not sharp. She was still mumbling to herself, and her teeth were also dull. So that crossed out werewolf and vampire. Her eyes were a dull brown, so that crossed out witch and healer, as they're eyes are always either a bright color or black. They were all traits of a youkai, plus her hair wasn't white, so that obviously wasn't it. I went down the list and checked every species I knew of. The only one that fit was human. "She is human." I asked Kalil, seriously confused. "I don't know." He answered, still staring at the girl. "What's your name?" He asked. At first, she didn't answer, because she was still sobbing. After a while, she was able to stop sobbing long enough to choke out "My Marma-lade." I was still confused on how she got here. "Hey there. I'm sorry for snapping. Force of habit. Anyway, how did you get here? I'm sure you're far way from home." I said, sitting down and motioning for her to come over to me. Kalil crouched down beside me. If he wasn't here, I probably would've killed her. Maybe he isn't as bad as he seems. Marmalade stood and walked over to me cautiously, still not trusting me. She stopped a few feet away and stood there. "I-I don't really know. I was outside with my big brother and sister. We went to the weird house on the end of our street because our baseball went into the backyard. When my sister, Cienna, knocked on the door, it opened. We went inside, and there was nobody there. Then we were sucked into a hole on the floor, and I ended up here." She said, looking like she was about to be killed. "I'm sorry. Lemme just talk to Raven for a minute." Kalil said, pulling me up and taking me at least 50 feet from Marmalade. "We have to help her." He sighed, running his hand through his hair. "I agree." I said immediately. "But, Rave, we can't just- wait, what?" He asked, looking confused. "I think we should help her find her brother and sister, and get her back home. Also, ever call me Rave again and I promise you I will break your arms and legs beyond repair and leave you stranded in a forest in witch territory!" I told him, hissing the last part. He laughed and threw his arm around my shoulder, walking us back over to Marmalade. Oh my glob, I love his laugh. NO, I CANNOT BE FALLING FOR HIM! I thought urgently. When we got back to Marmalade, she was asleep. Kalil got on his knees and gently shook her awake. She screamed, again. "Oh my gosh. You have to quit doing that." I told her, putting my hands once again over my ears. "Sorry!" She said, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. They were red and puffy from crying. "It's just, when I first got here, I saw a really bad guy. His hair and eyes were black and his teeth were pointy. He tried to bite me. I ran away, but he caught me. Then a big dog ran out of the trees and jumped on him. They started fighting and I ran here. I was here for a week....I think." She said, her voice shaking. "Don't cry, we'll help you." Kalil said, rubbing her back. She looked up at him, then me. She went back into the bushes and brought out a basket. She opened it and took out a liquid that gave off a sickeningly sweet smell, even through the bottle. She offered it to me and when I refused, she pouted. "Come on, Raven. We're about to go on an adventure to save three humans and send them back to the realm of the normals, and your afraid of a little human liquid?" Kalil said mockingly. Marmalade got up, put the stuff in my hand, and walked back over to her bush. She sat down and stared at me, waiting. I unscrewed the top off the bottle and smelled it. It had such a sweet smell that I gagged. I put my thumb over the opening to the bottle and tipped the bottle over. I took the little bit of liquid on my thumb and put it to my lips. As soon as I tasted it, I regretted it. It tasted sweeter than it smelled, which I didn't think was possible. I was on my knees trying to hack the stuff up when I heard Kalil laughing loudly. "Oh come on, it can't be that bad." He choked out between laughs. He took he bottle from me and took a huge swig from it. As soon as the full taste hit him, he started sputtering and spitting. "Yuck! What is that?" He asked Marmalade, who was know laughing her head off. "Who doesn't like kool-aid?" She asked after she had composed herself. "Every youkai alive today. Probably everyone in the realm of the monsters. That stuff is horrid. How can you drink that?" I asked as I wached Marmalade drain half the bottle. She just srugged and put it back in her basket. "Okay, so we leave to see Kraiton tomor-" I was cut off by a voice yelling "Raven, is that you?"

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