Harry Styles. A name of trouble. Also a name of kindness. You can never figure him out. He'll love you and get you everything you ever wanted one day, and then hate you and beat you up the next day. I don't know why I'm still with him. I guess it's because i like how he is, even if i do get hurt sometimes. Harry Styles is a person who is absoulutely, 100% irresistible. But is that a bad thing?


3. chapter three


       I made my way towards the hospital. Thank you for the information, Harry. I don't bother to use the car and drive. I can run. I can run very fast. I arrive at the hospital in only two minutes. What's the room she's in, Harry?! I look through his memories and smile once I've found it. I burst through her door and lock the door behind me. I make sure all the blinds and windows are closed. "Harry?" I hear Isabelle question. I turn around and stand there, letting her get a good look at me. She sees my eyes and screams. I snap my fingers and all the lights turn off. She screams again as I walk towards her. She might be scared now, but this is only the beginning.

             *Isabelle's POV*

                       I look into his eyes and notice that his beautiful emerald green eyes are gone. They are pitch black with a flare of fire in the middle. I scream, hoping someone can hear me and help me. "Harry, stop it!" I yell as he stalks towards me. "Harry Isn't here." He says. I jump out of the bed and run to the emergency button. Harry is in front of me in just 5 seconds. I find myself on the floor and beaten. I crawl back up to my feet, but am thrown to the floor again. He punches me. I hold my jaw in my hand. He hit me there again. It hurt even worse this time. He pulls me up by the collar of my shirt and slaps me across the face. I dodge it just barely, causing him to hit my mouth instead. I let out a tiny whimper as I feel the blood fill my mouth. He slams me back onto the ground and my back aches as it hits the tiled floor. I scream as he kicks me multiple times in the stomach. I cough up blood and Harry laughs, making me look up. "I'll see you later, Isabelle." he says, stepping on my foot roughly as he makes his way towards the window and jumps out. seconds after he's jumped out of the window, the door to my room slams open and doctors and nurses rush in. I look at them and throw up some more blood before I 'm dragged back into the pit of darkness.


     *Harry's POV*

             I wake up and see that I'm still in my house. There are blood stains all over my clothes. I am confused and just shake it off, heading to the shower. As I stand under the hot running water I try to remember what happened today. I close my eyes shut in frustration. Why can't I remember one single thing? I open my eyes and sigh. I decide that I've dried up and changed, I'm going to visit Mr. Gray. It's what I do every time I find myself covered in blood and not remembering anything. I throw on a pair of black jeans and a Jack Willis sweatshirt. I pull on my white high top converse and drive to his office. "Harry? Back so soon?" Mr. Gray asks, looking up from the paperwork on his desk. "What do you mean? Last time I was here was last week. This isn't too soon...?" I answer. He looks me up and down and his eyes widen, he sighs. "Take a seat, Harry." I do as I am told and wait for him to continue speaking. "Harold. You're wearing different clothes than before." he states. "Obviously. The last time we spoke was a week ago. I'm going to be wearing different clothes by then." I say. "No, Harry. The last time we spoke was an hour ago." he says. I furrow my eyebrows at him, not understanding. "Harold, what were you wearing before you changed into that?" He asks, gesturing towards my clothes. I look down at my clothes and answer, "Blue jeans, a white V-neck, and a blue hoodie. And black converse. They were covered in nasty red stains, so I put them to wash, took a shower and changed." He looks at me, worry in his eyes. "What's wrong Mr. Gray?" I ask. He hesitated to reply, but finally says, "You're going to kill her, Harry. We need to get that demon out of you now." My eyes widen, realizing that my demon probably went to hurt Bell again. "YOU CAN NOT GET RID OF ME!" I suddenly scream. Mr. Gray backs away a bit. My voice was different, lower than usual and devilish. I didn't intend on saying that, it just came out. I cough a little bit and shake my head. What just happened? "He just took over again." Mr. Gray informs me. I nod my head. I need to stop letting this demon control me. "I think I should go." I say sadly. Mr. Gray nods. I walk back to my car and I can feel the tears brimming my eyes. I sit in the drivers seat for a while. Without thinking, my hand reaches out and takes a note pad from the drawer thingy in front of the passengers seat. My hand grabs a pen as well. I watch as my hands move on their own, as if another mind is controlling them. The demon is trying to tell me something. I read the unfamiliar handwriting on the paper: IM TRYING TO HELP YOU. DONT YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU, HARRY? YOU CANT GET RID OF ME. I WILL NEVER LEAVE. I throw the notebook into the backseat angrily and drive back home. You are going to go away and you're to leave everyone alone. No one will ever suffer again, you demon.

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