Don't Be Afraid

Anna Jacobs and Saige Mitchel are best friends let alone competitive dancers. They have been dancing since they were 2 years old.
After one dance competition that they traveled to the UK for and won the whole competition, a manager for some huge band wants them to be their choreographer. Taking the job, and finding out the band is the same age as them...
Now having to travel on tour with the band One Direction, the girls get attached to the boys. But the manager clearly stated they may not have any relationships with the boys, they are only there for the job.
While messing around in rehearsals Liam and Niall get caught with Anna and Saige.. So Anna and Saige are fired. But the boys don't want to give up.
Making mistakes and taking chances the girls fight to keep their job, but will everything turn for the worst?
Let the dancing begin.


5. Random Number.

Saige's POV:

The last thing I remember was laying my head down and closing my eyes. Then I was out, dead, just sleeping.

I was shockingly awoken by someone screaming bloody murder.

'SAIGE!' Anna began to shake me and nearly pushed me off the bed.
'Anna Paige Jacobs! What are you doing?! You nearly just gave me a heart attack! I was in the middle of sleeping! It better be important! Otherwise your sleeping in the bath tub!' I stood up off the bed in anger and was screaming at Anna.
'The boys texted me... You know, because we'll be working with them.' She didn't make eye contact with me, she just stared at her phone.

I didn't say a word to her, I picked up some pillows and a blanket & I headed for the bathroom. I threw all of it into the tub and walked out and pointed at the door.

Anna didn't even argue, she quietly got off the bed and made her way towards the bathroom.

I knew she would evenutally come back out and sleep on the floor but that girl woke me up. You don't wake me up, ever.


I opened my eyes slightly and realized I had woke up before my alarm went off.

I sat up slowly and pushed my hair out of my face. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room, Anna must have stayed in the tub all night. I then swung my feet to the side of the bed and checked my phone.

 I had six new text messages?

FROM: Random Number -'Hello Saige, this is Paul. Just to remind you that you'll have to be at the airport by 11 a.m. for your flight, so you can meet the boys. Thank you.'

FROM: Random Number -'Hi Saige! This is Niall Horan, you'll be working with the boys and I soon and I'm really excited! By the way Paul gave us yours and Anna's numbers, I didn't want to freak you out or anything. But we're really excited to meet you two!'

FROM: Random Number: -'Hi.....My.....Name.....Is......Harry......Styles......Please.....To....Meet.....You..... Well we haven't met yet but still. I hear your gunna be one of our new choreographer(; I'm really excited, I mean REALLY. I hope I'm creeping you out, it was my goal. Well can't wait to meet you(;'

FROM: Random Number: -'Hello Saige Mitchel, my name is Liam Payne. I mean you've probably heard of me before, cause I'm in the band One Direction. Well even though we are already really famous I think you and Anna will make us succeed more.I'm not trying to brag! Oh my god no! I'm not like that! I am a gentleman! Well, can't wait to see Anna and you, bye Saige!:)'

FROM: Random Number: -'Let me introduce myself, my name is Louis Tomlinson. Now I know you already read that wrong. Louis is pronouced (Lou-ie), other than introducing myself, I don't know whatelse to say.... Well, I guys I'll see you later.'

Oh my god finally the last text.

FROM: Random Number: -'Hey Saige, I'm Zayn, Zayn Malik. I know you've gotten texts from all the other boys but I'm just looking forward to try new dancing with you and Anna. Well, I will see you in the dance studio.(:'

After I finished reading ALL those messages I realized that a monster/zombie stubbled slowly out of the bathroom.

'Shit... You! Fuck you Saige Nicole Mitchel!' She first muttered to herself, then her eyes grew huge like orbs and they lite up and pointed at me.
'Is this why you screamed like bloody murder and gave me a heartattack lastnight?' I was staying calm but pointed at my phone fiercely.
'Ummm, maybe..' She looked away from me and fiddled with her fingers.
'Are you shitting me? Really?! You fucking cuntbag!' I clenched my teeth and glared at Anna.
'What can I say?' Anna shrugged and her cheeks turned rosey.
'Dumbass..' I rolled my eyes and threw a pillow.

It's 8 AM now, Anna and I only have 3 more hours.





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