Heart attack

Tyler runs away from home cause of her step father abuse. She finds no where to go, as she went and sat at the bench. A cute boy , I mean zayn comes, and take her to his home. What will happen? Will they be together?


5. Shopping

Tyler pov:

i woke up, not finding zayn next to me. Where is he? I panicked. It been my third day since I met him, and iam in love with him. Louis seems to be jealous!?. To be honest, I have no idea, and I don't want to have. After the nightmare of my dad is done, still there will be always something remembering me of him, the pain in my stomach, the cut in my hand, in my arm..

I heard Louis voice downstairs. I walked slowly downstairs, and sat next to him. "Hi Lou Lou" "hello Tyler" I hugged him, and I went to the kitchen. How hungry am I! I took a sandwich and a bottle of juice. After finishing food, Louis sat next to me."so wanna play against me again?" "Are u daring me" I asked surprisingly. I nod, as I swallowed the sandwich."where is zayn?" All he do is smile and nod. Are they playing hide and seek? Anyway we reached to the Xbox, and played the game that I always win In."hahahaha won at you Lou Lou" I said loudly. "To fair" he chirped. I kissed him at the check, as I run to zayn. I hugged him, and kissed him. "Where have you been?" I asked worriedly."Liam" "can I go to him now" he nods while grab my hand, we went all the way upstairs, and saw Liam's room. I knocked lightly."enter" I entered and saw Liam in his bed. There was a big bandage in his stomach. I could feel tears in my eyes."how are you li?" I asked, in a hoarse voice."it's better today" I smile, "sorry" "about what love?" Harry asked. Zayn s sitting next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist. "Liam seems ink pain cause of me" they all looked down."no it isn't your fault" Liam said, smiling.

liam pov:

 I can't believe she is blaming herself. Afterall it is her dumb dad, thank god he is dead. Anyway my stomach hurts in a while, but I got used to it."guys you know I can walk" I said jokingly. They act too me, as if I have no legs. "Yeah we know, but." Was all they said. I laughed, as Tyler followed, and the rest followed."guys today me and Tyler gonna go shopping who wanna come?" Zayn asked. "Me!" I raised my hand! I wanna go and see that smile in her face. "No Liam you can't come" he warned."no I will!" They all nod, as it been chosen iam going with them. Niall then came next to me, "iam going too" s all he said. I can't believe I caused him all this.

zayn pov:

so we all got dressed, and I waited downstairs for the others. Louis came down first, then my Tyler, then Harry, and at the last Niall with Liam. "Ready?" I asked. "Yes" they yelled back. We got to my car, as I started the car. Tyler sat next to me in the passenger seat. While the rest in the back. After half an hour of riding the car, we finally reached there. We got some shirts,pants and shoes. She insisted on paying them, but I refused. We had so much fun! When we are we decided to go back home. "So did you liked it?" I asked her. She jumped and nodd her head. Sweet."I love you" I said while kissing her so demanding. She pulls my hair, and kiss me back with all she could do. We stayed there until we broke it. And fell as,eep together

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