Everything has changed

One direction have been split up for 17 years now.The boys havent seen eachother in 15 years.What happens when their kids all end up in the same highschool and are all friends in the same group?Will the old band mates reunite as friends? Or will they just stay as the lost friends?


3. Lexie Horan

      (Lexie's Pov)

   Darcy's house was massive.We were all stood there in awe.Her dad looked at us very strangly though..he looks fimilar.Darcy's room was amazing.It had bubble-gum blue walls and a bright pink carpet.She had a king sized bed with lepord print bed clothes.We were all awestruck."Jesus,your room is massive!" Taylor exclaimed.We all just laughed at Taylor's sudden out burst.

    "How about we tell each other more about us?" Leo suggested."Okay,I'll go first!" I offered."Im 13 years old.I LOVE NANDOS.My favourite colours are Orange and blue.I love animals and my hobbies are singing,playing guitar,eating and shopping" I said smiling."I'll go next" Jayden said. "I'm 14,I love dogs.My hobbies are singing and drawing and Im afraid of boats." He said smirking at Darcy...he so likes her.

      "ME NEXT" Leo screams. "WERE RIGHT BESIDE YOU,CALM YOUR TITS." Darcy screams back."Im 14 years old.My favourite colour is orange.I have a strange obsession with carrots and my hobbies are singing and drama." Leo said in a normal voice instead of screaming..thats a first."Me next" Taylor says."Im 13 years old.My hobbies are song writing and singing.I hate cocky people and Im afraid of spoons...for some strange reason.." We all starting laughing."Why are you afraid of spoons?!"Leo asked curious."Why are you obsessed with carrots" Taylor snapped back."ME NEXT" Darcy screeched."Im 14 years young.My hobbies are singing and remixing music.My favourite colours are purple and blue and I love nutella." Darcy said.

        "Yay,Im friends with a bunch of freaks!" I exclaim happily.We all burst out laughing."DARCY?!" Her dad called."Yeah?" She responded."IM HOME" he screamed in a sing-song voice."I think I figured that out when you said my name.." Darcy replied.He just responded with an "Oh".We all laughed again."Em,My dads picking me up now." Leo said."Mine too"said Jayden."Same" me and Taylor replied."Awh okay" Darcy said sadly.The doorbell rang.

      Next of all we heard someone scream "HAZZAAAA!!" followed by Darcy's dad screaming "BOO-BEARR".We all had puzzled looks on our faces.We ran downstairs to see Darcys dad hugging someone else."Em,hi dad" Leo said confused."Do you know eachother?" Darcy asked confused. "No Darcy,I am just hugging some random man who knocked on the door.....OBIOUSLY!" Her dad said as if it was oblivious."This is my best friend,we were in a band together when we were younger.Remeber I told you about that band?" Darcys dad asked,she nodded her head in response."Do you want a cup of tea so we can catch up?" Darcys dad asked Leos dad."Only if its yorkshire tea!" He exclaimed they laughed and went to the kitchen.

       "That was weird" Darcy said.There was another knock on the door."NIALLERRR" "HARREHHH" "LOUIIEEE" "LEEYYUMMMMM" "ZAYYNNNN" We rushed down stairs to see all five of our dads in a group hug.....This has to be the weirdest thing that has ever happened....

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