I Will Wait For You

Two people fall deeply in love, but for society is wrong because they are two boys. They did really care about society, until they knew how people could react to their relationship. They are part ofthe biggest boy band at the moment so they can't really say 'I'm gay!'
That was their secret, until one of them got to his breaking point. Where he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't see the love of his life with another person(That's when Eleanor Calder come along), but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that Louis forgot everything he felt for Harry. From soul mates to strangers in no time. Harry knew that his soul mate still feel something for me, so he decide to wait. He will wait for him for ever and one more day. But what will happen when Harry gives up? Will Louis regret everything that he didn't do with his soul mate? Will they have the change to be together again like at the beginning?


45. Nianor

This chapter contains scenes that may be disturbing to some people. I hope you wont be traumatized by what you're about to read ... I gonna stop talking right now, see you at the end of the chapter ;)


Eleanor's POV


I wanted to give a surprise to Niall, he was so sweet me that was the least I could do for him. I needed Louis' help though! Without hesitation he helped me. I know how to cook some delicious receipt so I asked Louis to help me get into Niall's apartment without him noticing it. I decorated the place with a romantic touch. I put candles all over the place, and roses' petals to make it look romantic. In the kitchen table I made a heart of roses' petals and put a candle in the middle. I put the plates and the cups for champagne. I looked around and everything was perfect, it looked so nice. I took from the fridge a white chocolate covered strawberries. I put the food in the plates and called Louis.


''ok, let him come to the apartment!''


''he will be there in a minute!''


I looked at myself in the mirror again and tried to fix me a little bit. I heard a noise at the door, my heart started to beat so fast I thought that it would come out of my chest. I took some deep breaths to control myself. I heard Niall's gasp so I realized he already saw the surprise


'Amor!'- I jumped into his arms


'Ellie!'- He said kissing my lips


'Do you like the surpric\se?'- I said wrapping my legs around his waistline


'I love it ... But'- he took a deep breath- 'We have to go somewhere else!'


'What?'- I asked confused


'Dont worry, you will like it'- He winked at me


'What about the food?'- I complained


'We can take it with us!'- He said walking to the kitchen table- 'That looks delicious!'- He bit his lower lip


'Okay! Let me put everything in a container!'- He put me on my feet


'Let me helped you!'- He said hugging me from behind


We put the food in a container and went to the parking lot. it was dark already, the sky was full of starts and the moon was beautiful.


'Right this way Mrs. Calder!'- He said taking me to his car


'Where are we going?'- I asked curious


'Im not gonna tell you!'- He smiled as he opened the door for me


'Malo!'- I said in Spanish


He looked at me and laughed. I got into the car, he closed the door for me and walked to his side to get into the car. He was desperate  to find something that looked like it wasnt nowhere


'Its everything okay?'- I asked smiling at him


'Yeah, its just .... Here it is!'- He showed me a black scarf


'What is that for?'- I asked trying to understand


'You cant see where we are going! Turn around!'- He said in his cute Irish accent


'Really?'- I complained


'Yes, really!'- He smiled


'Fine!'- I turned around


He put the scarf in my eyes and tied it from behind. I tried to see but I could, the scarf black and it was already dark. I felt uncomfortable with the scarf in my eyes but I didnt say anything, I was just smiling.


''Sweetheart, dont be mad'' I heard Niall's voice


'Im not mad .... Its just ... It feels weird'- I said laughing at myself


'But I promise you will like the surprise!'- I said grabbing my hand


We held hands, I didnt know how much time had pass by but I needed to take the scarf off my eyes


'Are we almost there?'- I asked rubbing the scarf


'Yes, we here!'- Niall said in a happy tone


'Can I take this off now?'- I asked


'Do not be impatient!'- He laughed


'Hey! Dont laugh! I cant see but I can hear!'- I said trying to hit him


'Sorry!'- He whispered to my ear which gave me goosebumps all over my body


'Give me a second, Im going to open your door!'


He got off the car and walked to my door, I guess. Suddenly he opened the door and helped me to get out of the car


'Be careful!'- He said holding my hand


I did not know where we were but I was sure it was not in the city because the floor was made of dirt, not concrete. Some rocks were in my way, I almost fall but Niall was holding me. We stopped and I heard he opened a door


''Come in!'' He said driving me inside.


He stopped me and took off the scarf. I rubbed my eyes before opening them, when I opened my eyes, my vision was a little blurry. I closed them again and rubbed them. As soon as I opened them I saw a wooden house, it was decorate with a romantic touch. The floor was full of roses' petals, at the edge of the walls were lines of lighted candles what light up the place. The kitchen table was fill with candles and roses' petals. Niall hugged me from behind and whispered to my ear.


'Did you like the surprise?'


'I love it! Its beautiful!'- I said trying to control the tears


He turned me around to face him, as soon as he had my face infront of his, he started kissing wildly. He held me in his arms so tight that I could breath, but ti didnt stop the kiss. He lift me up, immediately my legs wrapped around his waistline. I was wearing a dress, the dress went up a little bit leaving my legs naked. He stopped the kiss and looked at me, I nod biting my lower lip because I knew what he meant. He kissed me again and walked to the bedroom, I didnt pay attention to the decoration but it was decorated like the living room. He gently lay me on the bed and smiled, Niall stroked my face with his hand, which by the way they were shaking. I put my hands on his back and pushed him close to me, I stroked his back from bottom to top. When I reached his neck, I stopped and put my hands on his face. A smile grew on his lips, I put my hands on his blonde hair and I began to stroke, which made him moan. I lift a little bit so Niall could undo my zipper. He took my dress off, he left me lying in bed as he explored my body with his eyes. He put the dress on the side and explored my body with his hands which gave me goosebumps all over my body. He kissed my body as he explored it. He kissed my navel and slowly climbed up to my breasts, he kissed them which made me squirm with pleasure in bed. I pulled him to close to my face and kissed him, he kept exploring my body as he kissed me passionately. As I stroked his chest I realized he was still dressed, right away I took his shirt off, I ran my fingers on his abs until I reached the top of pants, I unbutton them. He stepped at side and took them off, same thing with his boxers. When I saw that I wanted to take off my bra but shook his head. He approached me and put his hands on my back, unbuttoning my bra, he took it in his hand and sniffed it, he closed his eyes as if he was enjoying it. He lay down and take off my panty, he jumped on top of me, he made a move that left me on top of him. He started kissing me again, his hands stroking every inch of my body. He stopped the kiss and looked at me. Suddenly he began to kiss me again, his hands caressing my back, slowly came to my breasts and he began to pet them, while kissing my neck he entered me. At first it hurt a lot because I was a virgin, but gradually it became enjoyable. He didn't move until I adjusted him, he slowly started moving his hips, and so did I. My body started moving to the rhythm of his thrusts which made him thrusted even faster.


'Niall!'-moans kept coming out of my mouth- 'Baby,slow down a little bit, it hurts a little bit, and to be honest I want to enjoy it too!'


'Im sorry!'- He said breathless


He started thrusting slowly, I satrted moving to the rhythm of his thrusts again. He turned on a little bit more. As he began to stroke my body harder, he kept kissing my breasts as he thrusted in and out of me. The pain was less because he didnt do it with such strength. He kept exploring my body, running his hands over every inch of it. I was still rubbing his back. Our lips were still kissing, as our bodies still give warmth to each other. There was a time when his hands reached my waist, he stopped kissing my lips, his member came out of me. He laid me down and started to kiss the bottom of my belly. His kisses gave me goosebumps and more moans escaped of my mouth. I got up and jumped over him, kissing his lips again. He entered me again, this time was more enjoyable than the last, causing more moans escaped from my mouth. He started to thrust in and out of me, I felt in paradise. By that time, the only people who existed in the world was he and I making love. My body is filled with ecstasy and I felt as if my blood froze, I had goosebumps all over my body. As my body began to relax, I kissed her and played with his hair. His lips went through my breasts felt like my blood ran through my veins faster while he kissed and caressed my breasts. I quickly got over him, I started to kiss his neck passionately, he tried to kiss me but I stopped him, and kept kissing his neck. He made a move that left me on top of him, He sat and I was on top of him.


'I Love You!'- He wrispered to my ear


'I Love You more!'- I said breathless- 'Im not giving up on this!'


'I wont give up either!'- He said kissing my nose


I lay down next to him, I put my head on top of his chest and fall asleep.




♪Baby tonight is your night and I will do you right just make a wish on your night anything that you ask I will give you the love of your life♪Vas Happenin' Crazy Mofos!!!!? First at all! Sorry about the name 'Nianor' it was the best thing I could think of, sorry! Well if you are a Niall's girl, I know you hate me :/ Im sorry, believe me it was hard for me to write this chapter because Im a Niall's girl myself so please dont be so hard on me :) I pictured Niall and Eleanor as I wrote the chapter but my mind was like ''If He is happy Im happy!'' I thought it was important to that they made love in a unique place because thats what I think Niall would do for his girlfriend! Can I tell you something? Well I didnt write this chapter until I was mentally/physically ready for it, I wrote chapter 46 to 54 and then I come back and wrote this one (Its one of most painful chapters I had to write) Going back to the chapter, well Niall and Eleanor made love, its an important part of the fiction (You will understand later) I know this isnot the chapter that youwere expecting and I apologize, next chapter will have what happened with Louis and Harry..... So what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Please leave your comments in the section below, you know they're important to moi :) Thank you for taking the time to read this fiction! New chapter is coming out tomorrow! Dont forget to come back and check it out!!!! Love you from the bottom of my heart, Astrid :)x

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