I Will Wait For You

Two people fall deeply in love, but for society is wrong because they are two boys. They did really care about society, until they knew how people could react to their relationship. They are part ofthe biggest boy band at the moment so they can't really say 'I'm gay!'
That was their secret, until one of them got to his breaking point. Where he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't see the love of his life with another person(That's when Eleanor Calder come along), but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that Louis forgot everything he felt for Harry. From soul mates to strangers in no time. Harry knew that his soul mate still feel something for me, so he decide to wait. He will wait for him for ever and one more day. But what will happen when Harry gives up? Will Louis regret everything that he didn't do with his soul mate? Will they have the change to be together again like at the beginning?


26. Kiss Me

This chapter contains scenes that may be disturbing to some people. I hope you wont be traumatized by what you're about to read ... I gonna stop talking right now, see you at the end of the chapter ;)


Eleanor's POV


Two months had pass by, I spended a lot of time with Louis, with the other boys too but it was mostly with Louis. I became best friend with Danielle, she tried to help me with my feelings. Perrie also tried to help but sometimes I felt like nothing that they said helped at all. Management was kinda pushing us to announce my relationship with Louis. I went to Harry's and Louis' apartment to talk about all this, management gave us a little more time to be seen together before we made it official. There were a lot of paparazzi in the building, I had to run, to hide. I ran to the elevator, Niall was there.


'Hey Ellie!'- Niall greet


'Hi'- I smiled, I felt something in my stomach He made me felt nervous, he made my heart beat so fast that I thought it would come out of my chest


'How are you?'- He smiled


''Now that I see you, Im better'' I thought


'Im okay! And you?'- I asked


'Im okay!'- He had a smile from ear to ear I smiled and just stood there, I didnt know what to say or what to do


Niall's POV


There was an awkward between us, I just couldnt stay there looking at her. Her smell penetrated into my nose I closed my eyes and imagined that she was really close to me, even though she was. I couldnt hold it anymore, I had to tell her how I feel. This months I been spending with her was the best months of my life. It was the first time I felt that way.


'Eleanor!'- I whispered


'Yes?'- she smiled


'I cant do this anymore!'- I got close to her


'Wait, what?'- She asked confused


'I need you!'- I started rubbing her arms


I could feel that she had goosebumps all over her arms. She took some deep breaths, I started stroking her back. I closed my eyes as my hands were running all over her spine. I opened my eyes, she turned around to face me. She bit her lower lip and got even closer to me. Our faces were so close that I could her her heartbeat, I could feel her warm breath in my face. I got even closer, our noses touch. A smile grow on her face, I looked into her gray eyes which were full of tears. I felt her hands in my back, she stroked it from top to bottom. I felt goosebumps all over my body, I felt an electricity from head to toe. I closed my eyes, I felt her soft lips on mines. I couldnt believe it, but I was 100000000% sure that this time I wont waste the opportunity like I did before. I put my hands on her back and pushed her even closer to me. Our lips met in a passionate kiss, I stroked her back from bottom to top. I got to her neck, I went a little bit up to her hair. I started playing with it. I stopped the kiss and I approached the buttons to stop the elevator. She bit her lower lip and immediately she jumped over me, making my hands hold her legs. Her soft lips pushed against mine, and our tongues dancing with each other, it was amazing. We lay on the couch and I pushed her down in a hug while we kissed. I played with her silky hair


Eleanor's POV


My hand got up under his shirt. He took it off, and my fingers danced over his abs. He kissed my neck and his fingers played with my hair. I decided to take my shirt off too, and lay topless under him. I kissed his neck and moved further down his chest. He sat up and looked at me, and I looked at him. I felt like a firework went inside me. His beautiful eyes looked at me, and his fantastic smile once again grew on his lips. I nodded to him, and he knew what I meant.


'You're sure?'- he asked and looked worried at me.


'Yes I am..'- I answered him


'Are you 100% sure?' I nodded


I took of my pants, so did he. Then he lay on the sofa. I lay on top of him and we kissed again. Our tongues met and danced slowly with each other. He looked at me with worried eyes whilst his hands slowly started exploring my body. I felt like an electric fire went inside me as he thrusted his fingers inside me. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, as he pleasured me, a moan escaped my mouth. I kissed his chest and his abs, as he took of his boxers. I got thrown away in another world while we kissed. In that world, there weren't anyone else than us. The only two people on earth was us. The only love on the world was ours. The only hugs and kisses we had was each others, and the only warmth we had, was each others bodies. In that world, we lived with the only one thing, called love. We didn't need anything else. Nothing else than love. Suddenly I remembered why I was at Harry's and Louis' apartment. I got off him and dressed up, he did the same


'Im sorry!'- He apologized


'Shhhh!'- I put my finger on his lips- 'Dont be! I wanted it too!'- I kissed his soft lips


'But....'- He tried to talk


'Shhhh! I have to go now, but I will be back!'- I pressed the button to Harry's and Louis' floor


'You'll be .... '


'Back! Yes I will!'- I smiled- 'To finish what we just started'


He jumped on top of me, and kissed me wildly


'See you later!'- I smiled


'See you!'- he kissed me again I walked to Harry's and Louis' apartment.


I tried to fix myself a little bit, my hair, my clothes. I was in front of their apartment's room and rang the bell


'Who's that?'- I heard Harry's voice 


'Its Eleanor!'- I said trying to control myself


He opened the door and looked at me in a weird way


'Are you okay? You are really pale!'- he said worried


'Yeah!'- I breathed heavily


'No! You're not!'- he said grabbing me by my arms and making me get into the apartment


'Its ... Just I ran, there are a lot of paparazzi out the building'- I looked around


'What?'- Louis said coming to us


'Yes!'- I said looking at him


'So, I guess they have to see us together'- Louis said looking at Harry


'I guess!'- Harry said smiling I saw those two and felt hope again.


Their love was, is and always will be beyond anything. Louis went to the kitchen and Harry and me stayed in the living room, we started talking like if we were besties. I couldnt get out of my mind what just happened between me and Niall




♪ Kiss me out of the bearded barley, Nightly beside the green, green grass, swing, swing, swing the spinning stepI wear those shoes and You will wear that dress♪ Yellow Crazy Mofos!!!! Please, please, please if there is any Niall's in this fan fiction please dont hate me! Believe it was hard for me too :/ so now I think you understand why the couch is there ;) Yeah buddy :) well what do you think so far? More drama will add to the story so stay tune! Please leave your comments in the section below and dont be so hard on me :) Thank you to every single one of you who takes the time to read the fan fiction! Means the entire wod for mio :) As always new chapter is coming out tomorrow, dont forget to come back and check it out!!!!! Love You from the bottom of my heart, Astrid :)x

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