I Will Wait For You

Two people fall deeply in love, but for society is wrong because they are two boys. They did really care about society, until they knew how people could react to their relationship. They are part ofthe biggest boy band at the moment so they can't really say 'I'm gay!'
That was their secret, until one of them got to his breaking point. Where he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't see the love of his life with another person(That's when Eleanor Calder come along), but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that Louis forgot everything he felt for Harry. From soul mates to strangers in no time. Harry knew that his soul mate still feel something for me, so he decide to wait. He will wait for him for ever and one more day. But what will happen when Harry gives up? Will Louis regret everything that he didn't do with his soul mate? Will they have the change to be together again like at the beginning?


65. Harry's Letters

Author’s POV

All of them still waiting for the news, Louis is a little bit desperate right now

'Please, save him! He’s my everything!'- Louis says crying

'Louis, we are doing everything we can to save him, but you have to understand if ….'

'Don’t you even dare to say that!'- Louis interrupts him

'I’m sorry Louis, but you have to know that his condition is not stable and something could happen that ….'

'QUIT IT! YOU HAVE TO SAVE HIM!'- Louis screams steric

'Louis, Louis! Calm down!'- Perrie says hugging him- 'He’ll be okay, you’ll see'

'Please! I’m begging you, please save him'- Louis says heartbroken

'Don’t worry Louis, We’re doing everything we can and believe me he will be okay soon …. But now he needs a blood transfusion and his blood type its one of the most …'

'what’s his blood type?'- Eleanor asks curious

'AB- and that blood type isn’t common, only 0.1% of people have the type of blood'

'What?'- Louis says desperate

'I’m so sorry Louis'- The doctor says patting Louis' shoulder

'What type of blood can donate blood to Louis?'- Perrie asks

'only AB+ and AB- that’s why we haven’t done it yet because we don’t have that type of blood here'- He says sadly

'I'm AB+!'- Perrie says excited

'Really?'- Louis asks with a hopeful voice

'yes! Do whatever you need to do to save him and it doesn’t matter if I have to donate all blood to him, I'll do it!'- Perrie says smiling

'hmm, excuse me?'- Zayn asks cleaning his throat

'Zayn! You know what I meant!'- Perrie kisses his cheek gently

'let’s go! '- The doctor says looking at Perrie

Perrie and the doctor went to a small room to do some tests on Perrie before doing the blood transfusion. Everything is okay with Perrie’s heath so the doctor pursues to do the blood transfusion.

'Okay Perrie, you need to be in the same room as him'- He says opening the door to Harry’s room

Perrie takes a few deep breaths before entering the room, a huge transparent court was between them

'Hello Harry!'- Perrie says smiling- 'You know, everybody misses you but special him! He's so worry about you, he loves you so much'- Perrie wipes the tears from her cheeks- 'You have to get well soon, I miss you so much!'

'Stay still!'- the doctor says to Perrie

Perrie just stay there looking at Harry, her heart is broken.

'Haz! You know, I was thinking that you should propose to Louis when you wake up! I bet you he will accept'- she giggles- 'You know, they didn't get marry, I was so scared'- she pauses- 'I love you Harry!'- Perrie smiles

It takes her half hour to finish the blood transfusion, all the time she just stares at him. Perrie smiles remembering all the things they did together. Their friendship is so special that not even the rumors could destroy it.

'That's it!'- the doctor tells Perrie

'Do you think that's enough?'- Perrie asks as she sees how the nurse unhooks her

'Yeah'- he says smiling at Harry- 'Thank you Perrie, you can leave now'

'You and me, Hazza!'- Perrie says looking at Harry through the court

Perrie leaves the room and walks to the waiting room to be with the others

'Pezza!'- Zayn says huggin her

'Zee!'- She giggles

'How is he?'- Louis asks nervous

'He's good, I think! I didn't see him'- Perrie says smiling

'What do you think happened?'- Niall asks to Louis

'I don't know, he .... he told me'

Louis pauses remembering what Harry wrote in his last letter ''Please tell the boys I love them, please tell them that everything is for my own good. You will understand later on when you read my other letters'' ''128 reason, 128'' Louis keeps repeating to himself

'Lou are you okay?'- Liam asks him with a warm smile

'Yeah'- he smiles

'Louis, I need to talk to you'- The doctor says

'Yes'- he says worried

'It's Harry's mother here?'- he asks looking around

'No, not yet. Why?'- Louis asks curious

'You need to make some serious decision'- he pauses- 'Harry needs to be transferred to London because in this hospital we dont have all the medical equipment he needa to get better'

'Okay'- Louis says confused


'But, what?'- Louis asks anxious

'There is a chance that he wont make it alive to London's hospital'


'Because, Harry suffered a brain hemorrhage because of the car accident, we are afraid that he will have another brain hemorrhage while being transferred to London'

''WHERE IS HARRY! I NEED TO SEE MY BABY!'' Anne screams as she arrives to the waiting room

'Anne'- Louis says hugging her

'Wherw is Harry?'- she whispers to Louis' ear

'He's .... he's..'- Louis can gind the words to tell her that Harry is drying

'Louis you need to decide now! He doesn't have too much time'

'WHAT?'-Anne yells

'Anne, Harry needs to be transferred to London but he suffered a brain hemorrhage because of the car accident, amd he might have another brain hemorrhage while being transferred to London'

'What? So if he stays here he will die for sure, but if he gets transferred to London, he might die?'

'Y- yes'- Louis whispers

'Lou, we have to transferred him'- Anne says heartbroken

'But he might ....'

'If we leave him here, he will die for sure!'- Anne interruptes him- 'but if we transferred him he might live .... Louis, we have to try! We have to give him a chance'

'I'm scared Anne'- Louis cries on Anne's shoulder

'I'm scare too but he's a fighter, he won't give up!'- Anne says in a sweet tone

'We'll do it'- Louis says to the doctor- 'but under one condition'

'What's that?'

'I have to go WITH him'

'Sure, but only one person van ho with him'- the doctor says looking at Anne

'Anne!'- Louis whispers

'That's fine, you know you're his everything and I know you'll take care of him'- she says hugging Louis tight

'Thank you Anne!'

'Go! Gey ready'

'I have to go to my hotel room!'

'Don't worry I'll pack everything for you'- Eleanor says

'No! I nees to get something'- Louis says walking to the exit door

He has to gey Harry's letters, that's the only way he'll understand what happened. A body guard is outside, he takes Louis to thw hotel. As soon as he gets there he runs to hia room amd grabs Harry's letters. He goes back to the hospital on time to go with Harry.

'Can I see him for a minute?'- Louis begs- 'please!'

'Only one minute!'

They walk to Harry's room, Louis is so nervous that he doesn't even realize that he's been holding his breath. He takes some deep breaths before going inside Harry's room. He tries to smile but when he sees Harry his smile disappeared.

'Harry'- he whispers

He gets closer to him

'Only one minute'- the doctor reminds him

'Hi baby cakes!'- he says Kissing Harry's lips- 'I miss you so much, Harry you have to get well! I can't leave without you, I can't imagine my life without you! You're my everything,  you're the air I breath, you're the reason why I still alive,  you're the reason why I keep going! Please don't leave me! Please, I Love you so much! I can't even put in words how much you mean to me .... please Harry! Remember that once you told me you wanted a baby girl? Lately I've been thinking about adopting one, I want to name her Aurora'

''15 seconds''

'Please fight for your life, pleases, I need you more than anything, and I Love you with all I have'- he kisses his lips again,  Louis wishes Harry could kiss him back

'Step outside,  they need to get him ready'- he doctor says- 'hmmm before you go this is what he had when he got here'

The doctor gives Harry's wallet, Harry's phone and a small black box. Louis traces his fingers around the shape of the box, touching the box's material gives him goosebumps all over his body.

'What's that?'- Niall asks

'Harry's staff'- Louis says without looking at Niall

'That's a box'- Niall whispers

Louis opens the box and sees a beautiful engagement ring inside

'It's an engagement ring!'- he's sobbing so hard that Niall doesn't really understand what he says

'Shh calm down'- Niall tries to comfort him

'Nialler, it's an engagement ring'- Louis whispers- 'it's a mother fucking engagement ring'

“He's all unhooked, we are going to move the bed with he in it. It will be a short trip through the hospital.” She informs Louis, She shouts something in French and three male nurses go into the room. They each take a side of the bed and roll it through the hospital. They get to a large double door and they push him through it. They come out onto a large open place. There was a helicopter about 20 feet away from them. They put Harry inside the helicopter and hook him up. After they're done Louis gets on board and the helicopter begins his fly to London. Louis takes out the letters and looks at Harry.

'Do you mind if I start reading the letters?'- he asks, he smiles and opens the first envelope- 'I know you won't mind'

Dear Boo,

                 Today is the first day that the news talks about Elounor as an official relationship. This is killing me but I have to be strong for us, like you always tell me ''If we have each other we can get through this!'' those words help me out a lot! I won’t give up on us! It won’t stop until we surrender! I will fight for this until my heart stops beating. You are the reason why I'm still here, you and the Larry shippers are my strength.
  Oh God, our Larry shippers! They are the most amazing people in this world! They are so important to me, I love the way they support us! My heart belongs to you and to them! I'm here siting down in the bed, thinking about our first kiss. It was an awkward kiss, I was so nervous, but when you lips touched my lips I felt like a firework went inside me. It was the most amazing feeling ever! I know we can do this! There's nothing like us! There's nothing like you and me! We will make this work! Larry Stylinson to infinity and beyond!!!!! You will be always in my heart!
        Yours forever, Hazza

Louis giggles and opens the next envelope

Dear Boo,

    God! It's incredible how things change. I mean a few months ago we were two normal teenagers in love. We were two boys who thought that the world was an easy place to be,  but suddenly everything chances and know you have a girlfriend even though you have me.

   Last night I had a dream we were facing the cameras smiling lit up on both our faces. You pulled me towards you and we kissed! All those years of hidding were now gone, the world knew our secret Larry Stylinson was true now and we could be finally be free. Today was just a dream, soon enough it will be reality ..... I Love you Boo Bear!

          Yours Forever, Hazza

Louis grabs Harry's hand and whispers to him ''As soon as you wake up we will tell the world that you're mine and I'm yours'' without wasting any time he grabs the next letter

Dear Boo,

    I remember you once told me that whenever we are apart I should look at the moon and I wouldn't feel so alone .....

    Looking at the moon tonight I realized I don't feel so alone because I know even though you're with her right now you're out there looking at the same moon too. I Love upu with all I have!

        Yours Forever, Hazza

Louis giggles as he remember when they had that talk, Louis would always comfort Harry. ''I Love you with all my soul'' Louis says kissing Harry's hand. He opens the next envelope which seem to be the number fourth

Dear Boo, 

    Remember when I told you about the girl who asked me ''Are you and Louis dating?'' I wish I could answer that and tell the world, except I can't!

    But the thought of someone being brave enough to ask me that to my face deserves a hint of the truth so I nodded.

''I figured''

    At the moment management and fame didn't matter, whay mattered was the smile lit on her face and the smile that formed on mine.

    I know out there there's a lot of people like her that would support us if we decide to come out! I Love you to death!

     Yours Forever, Hazza

Louis smiles at the memory as he opens the next envelope

Dear Boo,

   2 am and the only thing I'm craving is the gentle caress of your hands against my cheek or even the strong cradle of you arms around my waistline..... Your presence is all I need, I Love you more than my own life!

    Yours Forever, Hazza

''I Love you much more'' Louis whispers to Harry's ear as he strokes his curls. He puts the letter back on the envelope and grabs the next one.

Dear Boo,

   That night when you pulled me close and whispered you loved me was the night I discovered soul mates will come across you some pant in life. I'm honored that you're mine! I Love you so fucking much!

    Yours Forever, Hazza

''I'm the one who is honored to have you! Please Haz don't leave me'' Louis says trying to control his tears ''I Love you so fucking much!'' He says kissing Harry's lips, he opens the next letter.

Dear Boo,

   Don't worry if somewhere along our journey together we get lost. Everyone gets lost sometimes in their life and we lost people we don't want to, but remember you're the compass and I'm the ship. If any time you get lost in the world filled with dangerous winds just know I'll bring you back home.

   We will find our way back to each other .... always! I adore you!

    Yours Forever, Hazza

Louis can't stop the tears, he always knew that Harry loves him but after he told him about loving Eleanor but he was wrong. Harry could never hate him no matter what, no matter if Louis breaks his heart into a million pieces and burn the pieces afterwards, Harry will never stop loving Louis. Without saying anything Louis opens the next letter .....

Dear Boo,

   There are times when I wish I could go back to when things were simple.

   Back  to when our skin wasn't a dairy for the world to put together and try to figure it out. Back to when we were young and didn't know what to expect from this new famous life.

    Especially back to when you and I  could be free and do as we please, I know somewhere down the road we'll ended up together! I Love you!

        Yours Forever, Hazza

''It looks like you knew somehow we were going to be separate and you stayed strong for us. You know I'm so bless to have you in my life'' Louis says kissing Harry's hand. He puts the letter back and grabs the next one ....

Dear Boo,

    You and Eleanor had your first date as an ''official'' couple. Im so sorry for her,  everything that happened today make me realized that we are making mistake. I know they don't care but they should because if something happens to her, her family could blame it on you.....

    Remember when I told you that Niall and Eleanor could fall in love? I don't know how it happened but I'm so happy for them! I'm really happy for Niall because he has been waiting for her for so long and finally she's here ..... I Love you that you can imagine!

      Yours Forever, Hazza

''The day was the worse day of my life, it was the day that all my lies began'' Louis says opening the next letter

Dear Boo,

    Yesterday you made love to me! Finally I was able to be in yours arms, finally I could fell your skin on my skin. You make sense of who I am, you know I was never one to believe in love at first sight until I saw you that night. I knew with a voice like yours that you were going to go far and be heard. You know when I started singing to you I felt a hole in my stomach, you made me nervous because so times I think my voice it's nothing compared  to yours. Every time that I'm with you I feel like if I could fly, I feel like nobody else exists,  it's just you and me. Just you and me together forever! I Love you from the bottom of my heart!

     Yours Forever, Hazza

''Are you kidding me? MY voice it's nothing compared to your beautiful voice'' Louis says smiling at Harry as he opens the next letter

♪If you’re pretending from the start like this, With a tight grip, then my kiss Can mend your broken heartI might miss everything you said to me And I can lend you broken parts That might fit like this And I will give you all my heart So we can start it all over again♪ Over Again by my boys :)

Vas happenin'? *Zayn's sexy accent* well as you can see I'm trying my best to write all the letters. There is an amazing girl on Instagram that writes Larry's poetry and I'm using some of her works so credits to her for that! Follow her @larrypoet you won't regret it! Thank you so much for all the views and so grateful that you that the time to read my fiction! I love you so much, maybe not as much as Louis loves Harry and beseversa but I adore you to death :) please leave your comments in the section below, you know they mean the entire world for me! As always new chapter is coming out on TUESDAY, don't forget to come back and check it out! Love you from the bottom of my heart, Astrid :)x

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