I Will Wait For You

Two people fall deeply in love, but for society is wrong because they are two boys. They did really care about society, until they knew how people could react to their relationship. They are part ofthe biggest boy band at the moment so they can't really say 'I'm gay!'
That was their secret, until one of them got to his breaking point. Where he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't see the love of his life with another person(That's when Eleanor Calder come along), but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that Louis forgot everything he felt for Harry. From soul mates to strangers in no time. Harry knew that his soul mate still feel something for me, so he decide to wait. He will wait for him for ever and one more day. But what will happen when Harry gives up? Will Louis regret everything that he didn't do with his soul mate? Will they have the change to be together again like at the beginning?


23. Going To America

Eleanor's POV


''So, what I am going to do while you are in America?''

''I don't know, call Marco and ask him!'' Louis said

''I don't want to talk to him.''

''I know the feeling.'' He laughed.

''Well, I'm going to call you later.''

I hung up the phone call and called Marco.

''Hi Marco! It's Eleanor.''

''Oh hey there, Eleanor!''

''I'm wondering what I am going to do now that Louis is going to America in two weeks?''

''How do you know that?''

''Lou told me.''



''Oh well, we don't know yet but you guys have to be seen more often!''

''Okay then, call me whenever you guys decide.''

I went to my bed and lay down. I thought about everything that happened that afternoon. Theses boys are amazing, they are just so fun to be spending time with. I spend a lot of time with Louis and Harry during those two weeks that they were in London. Paparazzi were everywhere we went, it was kinda of annoying but thats what we suppose to do. I went to the airport to say goodbye. There I met Danielle Peazer, Liam's girlfriend. She was a sweet heart like Perrie. I said good bye to all the boys, I hugged all of them including Niall.

"Good luck!" I whispered to his ear I hugged him so tight that I thought he wasn't breathing. I felt his body on my skin, I smiled his scent.

"Good Luck!" I repeated looking into his eyes.

"Thank you." He smiled I moved on to Louis' arms.

"My love!" I hugged him, I tried to act like I acted with Niall. "I gonna miss you!" I kissed his lips. "I'm missing you already!" I got close to his ear. "I'm sorry." I whispered.

"I'm missing you already! But I will call you every single hour!" He smiled.

Our lips met in a kiss, it was a regular kiss. I felt bad for Harry who was wacthing us. I stopped the kiss and looked at him.

"Bye!" I smiled.

"Bye." He hugged me tight.

I watched him go with my eyes full of tears, I didn't know how I could act that.

''Hey there! I'm Danielle!'' I heard a female voice.

I turned around and saw a beautiful girl smiling at me.

"Hey! I'm Eleanor!" I greet.

"You and Louis look so cute together." She said.

''Harry and Louis look cuter'' I thought.

"Thanks!" I smiled.

"So, where are you going?" She said starting to walk.

"I'm going home!" I said looking for a cab.

"If you want I can take you, we can go eat something!" She said pointing at her car. "I would like to meet Louis' girlfriend."

"Sure!" I smiled.

I felt a little uncomfortable because I didn't know her and she wanted to know me more.

"So how did you meet Louis?" Danielle started to drive.

"I met him in a mall, I'm a Directioner and well I was so in love with him before I actually met him." I smiled. "He was so nice with me, hard to believe since a lot of people say that he is rude, but He was really nice with me."

"Yeah he is, is just that stupid management want him to be the one who is sassy or rude, you know?" Danielle said looking at her left side mirror.

"How do you know that?" I asked curious.

"Management tried to control my personal life but I didn't let them! I made sure that they understood that they don't own me." she looked at me.

"Wow!" I said, amazed.

"It was hard at the beginning but like my mom says Stand up for what you believe is right even though you standing up alone so that's what I did!" She smiled.

"How you did it?" I asked curious.

"I thought how much I love him." she smiled. "I thought about how much I care about him, I just thought in our love!"

That was a good reason bit I don't love Louis, I love him but not in the way.

"Believe me, its possible!" She smiled.

We went to Starbucks, best coffee ever! We talk about us, about the boys. I had a blast with her, she seen so nice. My phone rang in my purse.


''Eleanor, where are you!?''

"It's Marco! He is asking me where am I!" I covered the bottom of my phone.

"Tell him the truth!" She smiled.

''I'm in a Starbucks with Danielle'' '

"Oh, well just wanted to check on you! Tomorrow you have o come to my office to talk about Louis.''

''I'll be there.''

"I don't know how Louis can act all this!" Danielle said looking at the sky.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Yeah, how he can say he is in a relationship with you when he is love with Hazza." She explained.

"How do you know that?" I said curious.

"Come on! Their love is just so ..... So big that it can be hidden!" She smiled.

"So you know about them?" I kept asking.

"Yeah! I actually knew since the x factor!" A smile grew on her lips.

"Really?" I said smiling.

"Yeah, it was pretty obvious!" She smiled. "Their love is just truly amazing!"

"Yeah, it is!" I smiled.

Now that Danielle knew about Harry and Louis I felt a little bit better. I felt like I could talk to her about them. She was a nice girl, she was so kind. She had point, she told me we can stand against management. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but with her help it could be a little bit easier.


Author's Note:


♪ We're the kids in America. We're the kids in America. Everybody live for the music-go-round ♪ yay! By the way the boys sang this song on the live shows on the x factor! Show 5 to be specified :) Hey Crazy Mofos!!!!! Going back to the fan fiction, well 'Deleanor' is real in this fanfiction! Yay! At the begginning that I wrote the fan fiction I didnt write this chapter :/ I've been adding chapters so hope you like it! So yeah, tell me what you think about the fan fiction? Massive thank you to every single one of you who always read the fanfiction! New chapter as usual is coming out tomorrow, dont forget to come back and check it out! Love You, Astrid :)x





"If have each other, we can get through this."

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