Love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nicole has always been beaten by her dad. When she decides to make a move and run away with no where to go she meets no one other than Justin Bieber. Will they fall in love? will one fall but not the other? read to find out!!(:


1. Ecscaping.

*Nicoles p.o.v*

    Hi my names Nicole Kimberly James, but everyone calls me Nikki. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have light freckles on my cheeks. Im not really self conscious, because I seem to have curves in all the right places. My hair falls just above my chest and its naturally curly. My mom died about 2 years ago and ever since then my dads always been beating me. I live in Stratford, Canada. Its currently in the middle of spring. Now that you know everything, the story:)

"NICOLE KIMBERLY JAMES!" I close my laptop and run downstairs. "Yes Dad?" I say a little scared. "Where were you yesterday?!" He screams at me. " At Emily's house." I say defending myself. "What were you doing at that idiots house?" He asks. " Being away from you, because YOU wont let me out of the house!" I yell. " That's not very lady-like!" He says, his face getting red. "Right because you would know.." I know where this is going but I cant keep my mouth shut. Suddenly I feel to hands on my shoulder as I go flying across the living room landing on the coffee table. A sudden rush of pain shoots through my body, and tears start flowing through my eyes. Hes now hovering over me with his hands made into fists. "I hate you" I manage to let out in a whisper. His foot is now on my stomach as he repeats kicking me. Then a knock comes to the door. "Don't move." My dad says sternly. Then he exits the room. Perfect time to escape! I've been planning this for awhile. I ran upstairs quietly and pulled out my shoulder bag. At one point I had packed my Iphone charger, laptop charger, headphones, hat, sweatpants, sweatshirt, a picture of my mom, and all my money. I quickly put my sneakers on and stuck my laptop and Iphone in the bag. I opened my window and started climbing down the fence I have on the side of the house by my window. My door suddenly flew open and my dad tore my room apart screaming for me. I sat still and quiet on the fence hoping he wouldn't see me. He suddenly looks out the window and yells " I found you!" I panicked and jumped off. I landed on my ankle and boy did that hurt! but I had to run, so I got up and ran. I couldn't go to Emily's because its too obvious. So I kept running until I couldn't anymore. Did I mention it was pitch black and pouring down rain? I ran to this special spot that my mom had showed me that's hidden behind many trees. I ran in and laid on the bench to sleep.

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