Something About You

18 year old Arielle has lost everything, her friends, her older brother Zack just died in a crash. Arielle's parents thinks its best for her to move. when Arielle moves to London, she finds that her life may be turned around, and then she meets a guy who changes her, no longer was she depressed. Arielle soon fell for him, but does he feel the same? will her parents soon realize what they done?


3. Meeting Up With Niall

Arielle's POV

so its been about a month that Ive been at North east high. I've been pretty much spending all my time with good friends. i think Niall is the only one i actually tell everything to, which is why im so fond of him. He helps keep my mind off of my parents, my old life. and Zack. i never actually opened this much to a person.

and About Harry, well he's my boyfriend now. the one thing i hate the most is when he goes out with his friends a lot for some "business" that he has to take care of.

its been about a month since my parents even spoke to me. i know that their number one excuse is, "i dont want to distract you" or "im busy". too busy for your own damn daughter? jeesh and they wondered why i never talked to them. they treat me like im nothing.

i guess everything is just getting to me right now, a year without Zack. i needed to talk to him. tell him how great Niall and harry were.

speaking of harry, where the fuck was he?

to: harry

hey , where are you lets meet up (;

i waited and waited and finally he answered.

From; harry \

work. babe i wish . next time (;

ugh he blew me off again.

what happened to the gentlemen he was, always with me, holding my hand. now i was lucky if he would hang out with me.


Harry's POV

i wasn't going to let my princess find out that im in a gang. she'd freak and be pissed that i lied to her.

i didn't want to lose her. but i wasn't going to let my boys down for a girl. i admit i haven't been spending time with her like i usually do. but work is work. and she gotta accept that or she's gone. okay not gone but I'd ignore her even more, its hard for me now, i love her but she'll get in the way.

And i cant let that happen. if arielle would to find out, she'd would break this off between us, and im having fun right now


Niall's POV

I had to tell her about harry. why would she date the leader of a gang? this made no sense.

i just don't know how she'll react if im the one telling her. i mean i have a crush on her, that's why she may not believe me about him. but her own cousin Cece has even tried to warn her about styles, but she didn't listen not one bit.

i remember when i met her, she was gorgeous, still is..


Arielle was new, and i was stunned by her beauty in and out.

i decided to hold a conversation with her.

"hey im Niall" i smiled

"im Arielle" she giggled.

and since then we've been best buddies that was until she dated that douche.

[flashback over]

i dont get it, why would she fall for his idiotic games? all he's doing is causing more pain then she can handle.


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