In this fanfic, the last of the TimeLords escape their planet, that will not be named, to Earth to live normal teenage and adult lives. Along the way they find accidental love that get into danger and forces them to unleash their TimeLord knowledge and "power". Read to find out about how they find love and their battles with the Daleks and other alien creatures.


7. Chapter 7

A/N: Okay so its been a while... like a long while, and I'm super sorry I swear. I don't know if anyone is still wiling to read this but hey.... Imma try anyway. I hope you all enjoy it!

Rachel's POV

I walked beside Niall awkwardly and crossed my arms over my chest, hoping he would understand how badly I was attempting to block him out.

"So that was kinda weird back there huh?" Obviously he didn't get the message, "So how much laundry do you have to get do-"

"There is no laundry okay?!" I shouted, a little louder than what I meant to. I could tell Niall was taken back by the way he just kinda stared at me.

"Ya know, I noticed that you have an American accent... I'm not sure how long you've lived here, but I was just wondering, um, do you know what 'being hangry' means?" I could feel my face getting red, and not from embarrassment this time, this boy was cute, but oh my lord he was getting on my last nerve. I knew I was about to burst so I stopped walking and took a deep breath.

"Look, Niall, I've tried to open up to you and now, I'm kinda regretting it." I sighed as I saw the hurt on his face. "I thought you were cool and might understand me, I even got dressed up to see you," I motioned to my nice-ish shirt and best skinny jeans, "yet, all I get in return is a tour of some jacked up funhouse from a carnival that you claim is, is, well, magic!"

"Hey I never said it was magic, more time-wimey... sciency stuff," I groaned cutting him off.

"And yet," I sarcastically laughed, "there's no proof that it even works!" This time his face got red as he grabbed my arm and dragged me back to the 'Tardis,' where he shut the door behind us and pressed a button on the control panel, apparently alerting the other men of something.

After they all gathered, my friends not far behind, Niall began rambling on about where to go and what to see before finally deciding on the sun.
"Woah, woah, woah! The sun?! Isn't that you know... the sun?!" I scoffed as the boys snickered and continually pressed buttons and pulled various levers. Finally I felt the box move as I was thrown into the railing behind me.

Rae's POV

I watched in awe as the five men fiddled with the control panel before seeing Rachel fly over the railing. I couldn't help but laugh and was about to go help when I saw Louis staring at me with a goofy grin on his face.

"Well? What do you think?" he smirked leaning against the control panel, careful to not press cany buttons.

Words refused to come out of my mouth, all I could do was smile and laugh excitedly, "Its amazing!" I finally shrieked before spinning around, taking a quick glance at this whole new world around me. I stopped and approached Louis once again, "Thank you."

He smiled and shook his head, "Its not me, its Niall. I think he's got the hots for your friend over there." He gestured to Rachel, pulling herself back over the railing, pushing her hair out of her face full of frustration. "Its so cute isn't it?"

I raised my eyebrow and looked first at Rachel, then at Niall, and finally back to Louis, "They both just look pissed off to me."

Louis simply chuckled and shook his head while looking at Rachel and Niall, "Thus is the beginning of love," he sighed dreamily.

"Bu-bu-bu- what?!" I scoffed, "This doesn't make any sense! They literally hate each other!" This time Louis laughed, he genuinely laughed. At me! "Why are you laughing?" I asked with a twinge of sass in my voice as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Aw no don't get defensive sweetie, you haven't been around as long as I have," Louis paused seeing the look of confusion in my eyes, "You don't understand love like I do okay?" he scoffed suddenly and looked at me pitifully as he straightened up and adjusted his suspenders, "Which is why I shouldn't even be talking to you right now... its too dangerous, for both of us."

​"Louis wait," I grabbed his arm as he attempted to walk away, "Tell me more? Why is it dangerous for you to talk to me?"

​"Because, if we even begin to slightly care about any of you girls, romantically or not, so many people will be trying to find you.. to get to us," Louis gently touched my face with his hand, "Its dangerous with us, we're absolutely bonkers. We go on insane adventures and I'm not sure if you're ready, if any of you are," through his sentence his face slowly approached mine until our lips almost touched. Suddenly we both felt the Tardis come to a stop as my body fell into his and he held me close. I looked up at him and he smirked.

​"We're here."

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