My Life With 1D

I had been dating Louis Tomilson scince 8th grade then I caught him making out with my BFF Mackenzie at a party. What kind of boyfriend is he. Liam has been very supportive lately. Niall keeps hinting that he likes me. My life is messed up.

Read to find out what happens, and see if this makes sense


14. Jessica

After school I walked to Louis's parking spot. I waited forever. Finally he came out of the building, it took him ten minutes to walk across the parking lot.

"Hey beautiful." Louis said when he got there 

"Eck." I said

"Don't be mad. We can work this out while we make out and do other things. My mom isn't home this week."

"I'm not making out with you. you're a freaking dick."

"Don't be like that baby, I love you."

"Yeah well I hate you."

We pulled into his driveway. I stormed inside and stayed in the guest room for four days.


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