My Life With 1D

I had been dating Louis Tomilson scince 8th grade then I caught him making out with my BFF Mackenzie at a party. What kind of boyfriend is he. Liam has been very supportive lately. Niall keeps hinting that he likes me. My life is messed up.

Read to find out what happens, and see if this makes sense


12. Jessica

"Teachers you may dismiss your students for our 5th annual silent auction." A voice said over the loud speaker

I stood and watched what seemed like millions of guys  bid on me.

"15 minutes." said one of the people mointering

"10 minutes."

"5 minutes."

"2 minutes."

At the last second Liam and Louis both tried to bid on me. Who do I get to go home with?

They announced every thing. Finally some student council member said

"Our winner of Jessica Misst, the winner of our school beauty pageant is... Louis Tomilson-"

My smile faded.

"And Liam Payne. They both bid at the last second so you each get her for a week. Louis then Liam."

This is gonna be a very long week.

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