My Life With 1D

I had been dating Louis Tomilson scince 8th grade then I caught him making out with my BFF Mackenzie at a party. What kind of boyfriend is he. Liam has been very supportive lately. Niall keeps hinting that he likes me. My life is messed up.

Read to find out what happens, and see if this makes sense


10. Jessica

The next day was awkward. I walked in and Louis and Mackenzie were making out. He wants me to forgive him!

I went and found Abby.

"I heard what happened. I'm so sorry Jess." Abby said as soon as I found her

"It's okay. I still have you,Grace, and the other guys."

"He's a be-yotch."

"I gotta go to class. See ya at lunch."

"See ya Jess."

I barely made it through english, math, and a study hall. Finally lunch rolled around.


"Jess come over here ." Liam called 

"Hey guys." I said "Where's Louis?"

"Sitting over there with Mackenzie." Niall said nodding his head toward the far corner

"Good." I said.

"So are you felling any better?" Liam asked

"Yes. I napped almost all day yesterday."

"Hey where's Zayn?" Grace asked

"Detention. He ditched on Friday." Niall said

"Sounds like Zayn." I said

"Where's your BF?" Abby asked Grace

"Harry? He said he had some stupid test to study for."

"Ahh. I feel lonely. Abby's dating Niall. Grace is dating Harry. And Zayn is dating Perrie. It's lonely right Liam?"


"Well maybe you two should date then." Abby said

"I just got out of a relationship with a total dick." I said.

"Can't I'm working on making a certain someone my GF. Plus we don't have those kind of feelings for each other."

"That's true for one of you but not the other." Niall said. He said the last part looking at Liam

Was I the special girl?

"Well see ya. Have to get ready for that stupid auction."

"See ya Jess." Niall, Abby, and Grace said

"Have fun." Liam said

                                                                Authors Note

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