Austin Mahone as a TOur Buddy?

JAckie Floyd owns a book store. When Austin Mahone has a meet and greet there. His manager hears her singing in her studio. When Jackie's dad beats her. what will happen? Will She be on tour with HIm?


1. Beginning to End


I heard someone screaming my name.

“Jackie. “ Then I realized it was my sister.

“What?” I asked. I turned to face her.

“Austin Mahone is at mom’s store. Grandma booked him. “She said.

“What about it.” I said.

“Will you take me? And plus you have to work today.” She said.

“Yes. Let me get ready.” I said getting up. She sat on my bed. I threw my hair into a messy bun.  I threw on my purple and blue dress. I put on my boots. And some eye liner and some mascara. I grabbed my purse and phone. She grabbed my hand.  I started locking up. My name is Jackie Floyd. My little sister is twelve and im sixteen. I just turned 16 a week ago. My mom died from cancer and my dad. Well I haven’t seen him in 10 years. . She took off running. Her name is Jenilyn.

“Jeni.” I yelled. She ran up to Austin. He was getting out of his car. He smiled. She whispered into his ear. He smiled.

“Jeni. I told you to go inside. I told you to go meet up with grandma.” I said. She smiled and went inside.

“Sorry.  She wasn’t supposed to run up to you. I’ll go now.” I said.

“wait.” He said. I turned around. 

“What is your name?” his mother asked.

“Jackie. Jackie Floyd Ma’am.” I said.

“You’re the girl who works here. This is your mother’s book store.” She said. I looked down.

“Yes ma’am it was. But she died last month. So it’s mine now.” I said.

“Im terribly sorry. How did she die?  She asked.

“You don’t have to answer that.” Austin spoke up.

“Cancer. Breast Cancer. I better go.”  I said. I heard Austin say something to his mother. I went into my office. Jeni was in the music room. I sat down. I looked at a picture of my mother and me.  My sister was just born. I heard a knocked at the door. I put the picture back.

“Come in.” I said.

“Jackie.” I women said. I knew it was Ms. Mahone.

“Yes ma’am.” I said.

“I didn’t mean to offend you. About your mother.” She said.

“I usually don’t talk to about my mother, but it’s been hard.  On my sister. And on me. She left me this book store. And that really all I have left of her beside the house. Im 16 and I’m taking care of a twelve year old.  It so hard.  But no ma’am im fine. I think that my grandma will take care of Austin’s meet and greet and im going to be in my studio right there if you may need me.” I said pointing to my sister.

“Okay thank you.” She said.

“Miss. Mahone. My sister would like to meet Austin and get an autograph if that is okay?” I asked. I waved my sister out of my studio.

“Yes. We will come back and meet her. She can go and sit by him if she would like.” Jeni nodded and followed her. I went into my studio and shut the door. I turned on my head set. And my mic.  I grabbed my acoustic guitar it was red. It was my mom’s.   I started singing.

“Lalala, I miss you.

I miss you smile,

Your laugh, Man I never thought I’d miss you this much.

Everything reminds me of you.

The house ,the life, thse store. Even baby sis reminds me of you.

Even though dad left.  I’m playing both roles. No one can replace you.

I love you. I looking up to the sky. Hoping your smiling.

I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.

Even though your in heaven. I know your looking down on me smiling.

You’re an angel now. Ma. Don’t forget baby J misses you. So do i. 

Rest in peace momma. Baby J and I miss you. “ I took off my headphones. I stopped recording. 

“Wow.” I heard someone said.  I looked through the  glass. Austin, his mom and another man was standing there. Jeni was sitting in the chair. I gave her a look. She smiled.  I put down my guitar.   I walked through the glass door.

“DO you need something?” I asked.

“We came back for you. And you said you would be here. We never knew you can sing.” A man said. I looked at him.

“Hi im Rocco Valdes. Im Austin’s manager.” He said. He stook out his hand.

“Jackie Floyd.” I said. I shook his hand.

“what did you need.” I asked.

“Well, We wanted to know if we could borrow Jeni. “ Ms. Mahone said.

“Please. Sis Please.” Jeni jumped up and down.

“Okay. Just take care of her okay?” I asked.  Austin nodded.

“Jen you need to go get changed.  Come on.” I said.

“ Can we come along.” Austin asked.

“sure.” I said. We walked out the store.  Girls were screaming. Austin waved. We walked down the rode with His body guard.  Jeni was skipping down the street. She stopped. Right infront of the door. There was a car here. I looked at the door.  A man that looked like my father. Stood there knocking.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“Jackie.” He said. I realized it was my father.

“ What are you doing here.”  I said. I held Jeni behind me.

“ Your so grown up. Jenilyn come to daddy.” Jeni grabbed onto me. 

“She’s not  2 anymore. “ I said.

“Can we go inside. “ he asked.

“No. “ I said.

“Jeni here are the keys go inside and pack.” I said.  I walked toward Austin. “ Don’t come out until I tell you please.” I said. he nodded they went inside. Austin watched out the window.

“ What are you doing here Anthony.” I said.

“ TO come home.” He said. He walked closer. I backed up.

“this is not your home. Hasn’t been for 10 years.  Leave.” I said. He grabbed me.

“let me go.” I screamed. I pushed him.  HE slapped me. Right across the face.

“ Your just like your mother. Rude. “ He said.

“Don’t talk about my mother. “ I punched him. He punched me again.

“ Don’t speak to your father like that.” He demanded.

“A father? What kind of father leaves and comes back and beats his 16 year old daughter?” I said. He huffed and kicked my side. I spit out blood.  He took off when  someone started yelling. It was his body guard.  I felt my eyes start closing.

“Jackie. “ he yelled.

“take my sister. Now!” I yelled. I closed my eyes.   I heard talking. Someone was holding my hand.  I opened my eyes. I was at someone’s house. 

“Jeni.”  I said. “Where is she?” I asked.  

“She’s in the pool with my mom.” Austin said. I felt relived.

“ Are you okay?” Austin asked. I nodded. His body guard came in.

“ Was that your father?” He asked I nodded.

“ Which side did he kick.” He asked I pulled up my shirt. It was bruised.  Austin touched it. I gasped.

“sorry.” He said.

“ Well my manager is with your sister and my mom. He wants to talk to you.” Austin said.

“yeah sure.”  I said. I followed Austin.  Dave (Body Guard) Was behind me.  We walked outside.  Toward the pool.

“Jackie.” Jeni yelled. She ran to me.

“ Are you okay?” she asked.

“yes. Are you okay?” I asked.  She nodded.

“im having so much fun.” She said.

“im glad. Go ahead and swim babygirl.” I said. she ran and jumped back into the pool.

“thank you Miss.Mahone for taking care of her. Im really sorry about earlier.” I said.

“Sit down.” Rocco said.

“ You wanted to talk to me sir?” I asked. I saw Austin jump into the pool with Jen.

“ I wanted to know if I could manage you” he said. I smiled.

“ Are you serious sir?” I asked. He nodded.

“that would be amazing.” I said. “ Thank you.” I said.

“ We need to talk about  earlier.” He said.

“Sir. My dad left when I was six. I haven’t seen him until earlier.  He was abusive and he left.” I said.

“So you don’t know him at all?” he asked.

“No sir.” I said.

“What about your mother.” He said.

“ she died last month.” I said.

“So you have been taking care of your 12 year old sister by yourself. “ he said. I looked at jeni.

“they wanted to take her but I told them I was capable.” I said.

“well do you want to live with Austin or can him and his mom and body guard live with you.” He asked.

“we have nine bedrooms. So he can live with us. Let me ask Jen.” I said I got up and called Jen up to the side of the pool. Austin came to.

“Jen. Would you like to be living with Austin and his mom in our house. And Me becoming a singer. Is that okay?” I asked.

“YESSS” she screamed. I laughed. Austin and her grabbed my hands. They pulled me into the pool.

“my pone.” I say getting it out of my pocket.

“ I’ll buy you another one.” Ms. Mahone said.

“No need I have money. “ I said.

“please can I buy you one?” Austin said. I nodded. And shrugged me shoulders.

“ I have to go home and change .” I said getting out of the pool.

“ I cant give you a shirt. For now.” He said. I nodded.

“ I guess we should pack” Miss Mahone said. Austin picked me up.

“put me down I weigh to much.” I said.

“Girl you have to be only 75 pounds.” He said. I smiled.

“70” I said. we went into his room. He gave me one of his shirts and a pair of his sweats. I changed.  Jeni was in moms big shirt. I smiled.  She layed on the couch. Michele gave her a blanket.

“Are you missing mom?” I asked.  She nodded.

“Do you think that mom is smiling down at us. I know she’s proud.” She said.

“ I know so. GO to bed hun. We have a big day tomorrow.”  I said. she smiled.

“ I love you. “ she said.

“I love you to.” I said. I walked out on their balcony.   I looked at the stars.

” hey momma. I hope your proud of me.” I said. a tear fell down my cheek.

“ I know she is.” I heard Michele say.

“ I hope so.” I said.

“ You’re a wonderful girl.  I think that Austin likes you.” She said. I blushed.

“ You like him?” she asked.

“yes ma’am.” I said.

“ I approve of you. I’ll talk to him.” She said.. I smiled. She walked back inside.   I miss my mom.. I could talk to her about anything. I got my sandy blonde hair from her. I got my bright blue eyes from her. I got my short height from  her to.  My eyes shed tears.

“Jackie, come here please.”  Austin said. I nodded. I went into his room.

“ I wanted to get to know more about you. Have you been crying.” He said. He whipped my cheeks.

“ Can we do this tomorrow. “ I said. He nodded.

“ Im going to bed.” I said getting up.

“You can sleep in here.” He said.

“ I don’t think your mom would like that.” I said.

“ ill go ask then.”  He said. I nodded. Michele came in.

“Jackie you may sleep in here but no funny business.” She said.

“Yes ma’am.” I said. she walked out and he layed down. I laid down beside him. He held my hand.  I fell asleep.

I woke up to no one beside me.  I got up. I went into the kitchen. Michele was packing.

“ I have all of that ms.mahone.” I said.

“ Okay. Well im packed and Austin is packed. He is helping Dave.” She said. I nodded.

“umm I need to get home. “ I said.

“ go ahead sweetie. Dave brought your car here.”  She handed me my keys.

“thank you. Where is Jenilyn?” I asked.

“she was playing basketball. “ she said.

“thank you. See you when you get there.” I said. I walked downstairs.  Jen was playing basketball with Taylor swift.

“ Hi Taylor. Sorry to steal jen. But you can come with us and play at my house if you would like.” I said she nodded.

“ You must be Jackie.” She said.

“ Yes. “ I said. I got into the car. Taylor sat in the passanger seat and jen sat in the back. I backed out and was on the way to my house. It was a 20 minute drive. We finally arrived at my house.  They ran out and started playing again.  I walked inside. I smiled. My moms sent was still here. I walked into the kitchen. I started to make ham and beans and mashed potatoes. I heard the doorbell ring. I ran to open it. It was Dave.

“ Hey let me show you around.” I said he nodded.

“This is your room. Austin’s is across you and Michele is right infront of me. That’s Jeni’s and My moms room. Then my music instruments is in that one. And then my studio is I the basement. Deal?” I asked.

“deal “ he replied.  I went into my room.  I changed for lunch and then went back into the kitchen. Austin was walking in. I waved as he went up stairs. My piano was in the living room and my moms was downstairs in the basement. Michele came in. I took out the ham. Now everything was done. I walked outside.

“Lunch is ready guys.” I said. Jen ran inside.

“ I have to go but thanks anyways.” Taylor said I nodded. Then everyone was at the table. I put all the food down.  I went and played piano.

“Jackie.”  Michele asked.

“I’m not hungry.” I said. Austin finished. He went and settled in.  Soon everyone was settling in.  I walked back into my room. I lay on my bed.  I heard a knock on my door.  I opened it. It was Dave.

“hey.” He said.

“ Yeah. Whats up?” I asked.

“Austin said to come get you were going to get you a knew phone. So lets go.” He said. I nodded. I closed my door.

“Michele. Can Jeni stay with you. “ I asked. She nodded. Jen went upstairs.  I grabbed my keys. I have a Ford Fusion. That is silver.  We got in.

“ Where are we going?” I asked.

“ metro isn’t that what you had before?”  he asked I nodded. We pulled up.  There was girls screaming. Really? They knew my car now? Dave helped us get through. We got in. The lady who worked there locked up.

“ Jackie give me your keys and I’ll move your car out back.” I handed him the keys.

“WE would like a new iphone 5 please.” He said. I looked at him. He smiled.  Everything got down and I had a new phone.

“Thanks “ I said. He gave me a hug.

“ Your welcome.” He said.  Dave came in and nodded. WE got into the car. And drove back to my house. I parked and we walked inside.

“ Jackie.” Michele said.

“ jen is in her moms room and wont come out. She is crying and I cant get her to come out.”   I ran upstairs.  Jen was laying on the floor. Crying she was holding a picture of our mom Austin was standing by the door. I ran to her. I cradled her. I cried with her.

“ why did she die Why? She was the only parent we had. Why?” she yelled over and over again.

“ Im sorry. Baby Im sorry is said.” She cried herself to sleep. I carried her into her room. I shut the door. I collapsed.  I balled my eyes out.  Austin Sat by me and held my hand.

“IM sorry.” I said.

“its okay. My dad died. “  He said.

“ I want to show you something.” I said. I grabbed his hand.  I took him into the basement.

“This is my studio. My mom built it when I was 10. Then she taught me how to do everything. She bought a red guitar. He favorite color is red. Mine is too. But she had it made for her. And when she was almost gone she gave it to me. I haven’t come in here since she died.” I said. I got up and went over to my piano.

“Jackie.” Michele said.

“Rocco  is here for you two.” She said. We smiled and walked up. I closed the door.

“ Hello. I need you to know that you are going on stage tonight. We have a show. And your singing.” He said. I smiled.

“Be ready and dress nice. We go on in 30 minutes. Dave. Get ready.” He said.

I went upstairs and put on my red dress. I put on my red heels. I walked down stairs and Austin was ready too. We got into the car.    He grabbed my hand.

“ I have a surprise for you.” He whispered.  I nodded. We got there and Austin got on stage. The handed me a microphone.  He introduced me. And I walked out.

“You don’t have to sing but I wanted to ask you something. “ he said.

“Okay whats up?” I asked.

“ Will you do the honor of being my girlfriend?’ he asked.

“yeah of course.” I replied.

“Okay guys well Jackie just signed with my manager so everywhere I am she will be. I expect no hate. And if there is well we don’t care Alright you can stay out here and sit on the stage. Or  go backstage. “ he said.  I sat down he was down singing. I smiled and took his hand.  This is my life. And im proud of it.


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