a reble known as marijane, finds herself in a lust filled relationship with her very young and attractive teacher, Mr.styles.


3. Getting down and dirty with my teacher!

Harry forceful, picked me up bridle style and without breaking the kiss, carried me into his room. Throwing me onto the bed with a tump, he crawled on top of me. He smelled like a mix of mint and dry erase markers. Getting down to eye level with me, he started grinding his hips down into mine. "Ugh" I try to muffle my moan a bit, but to no avail heard.
"Don't you dare try to hide your moans,marijane!" He whispered, biting down on my neck. 
Just hearing how rough his voice sounded, like gravel, drove me insane! "God! Get in me,styles!" I screamed
"Someone's impatient," he whispered, a chuckle falling from his lips. I could fell his mouth turn up into a smirk. I sware if I wasn't in this much pleaser I would have slapped it off his face.
He slid his hand down to the him of my shirt, playing with it between his fingers before he pulled it over my head. 
I took this as my opportunity to take his off as well. Grabbing the collar of his button up, I ripped the buttons off. Taring it off his shoulders, I stare at his tanned abdomen. Tattoos littered all over the skin. Harry forced my head up with to of his fingers. 
"Bad girl, staring at your teacher like that," he sook his head. "Distracting him all through class, even going as far as to make your teacher hard. But if that wasn't bad enough, you rip his new shirt." An evil glared in his eyes. The sweet mr.styles I knew, had been replaced. With a domunet, sexy, wild, and a bit scary, harry.
I rutted my hips up needing friction, on were I wanted him most. 
"Tisk,tisk! Marijane," he ripped my pants off, leaving me in my braw and panties. 
"Stop teasing! I roared, even though that's all I wanted.
He started kissing up my leg, they were fist quick peaks, but the farther he went up they became slower, and wetter. As he finally reached myclothed heat, he kissed my trobbing clit. 

Causing a string of whimpers to leave my lips. "God I love seeing you squirm," he whispered against my heat, before licking across my slit, through my panties.  

"Mhp, get them off," I beg, losing my bad girl exterior. Crumbling.  

Smirking against my clit, before harry planting one more kiss there.  

"What do you what off?" He spoke smirking, knowing very well what I what off.  

"Fuck you, Styles!" I screamed. Grabbing a fistful of his hair, and bringing his lips to mine.  

The sounds that were coming from the room was absolutely tariffing! Smacking lips, gruts, moans, the bed springs creaking, and all the cursing leaving our mouths. Sliding his hands down my back and grabbing my bum, slipping his hands in between my skin and panties. His had started rubbing smooth circles onto my skin, only to move them to my core. A gasped as he cupped my sex, toying with my juices. His lips moved to my ear and he whispered huskily, "gladly,"  

In a number of second, he had us both stark naked. He flipped us over to were I was on top. He had fingers knitted behind his neck, with a smirk, showcasing his beautiful dimples. His member slapped against his chest, I've never scene one as big as his! It's absolutely huge!  

"Fuck styles, your huge!" I said in awe, staring at his package.  

"That's because all you've ever had is little boys," he said with a wink, befor flipping us over and shoving into me.  

"Ugh! Shit styles!" His length filling me up perfectly. 

He lached his lips to my ear and whispered," let me show you how a real man fucks," before pounding into me. He was so big! And with the pace he was going, he started slamming the bed against the wall. Trust after thrust he hit my sweet spot dead on, leaveing me a withering mess.  

With both of our highs approaching, harry grunted, " in 3...*grunt*...2...*moan*...1!" With that he shot his load in me, my juices coating his length.  

He pulled out after riding out our highs, to whispered,"wow!"  

"Yea!" I said back, short of breath.  

The last thing I reminder was, curling up with harry. He held my close, rubbing small shapes onto my skin.

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