Love Story

For the song competition.
Taylor Swift - Love story.


2. Bumping Into Love

I sipped at the wine and glanced around the room. My feet took several steps back to let Maxwell's grandmother through in her wheelchair. Suddenly I was stumbling forward, "Ah!" was all I could utter as I tried to hold onto my glass of red wine.

"Jeez, I'm so sorry. Really I wasn't looking-" A timid voice pleaded. I turned around and looked into the face of a young man. He was wearing a black suit, his brown hair was cut in a normal style and he wore glasses magnifying his hazel eyes. He gave a little smile, "I really am sorry."

"No, it's my fault entirely. Shouldn't have drank that third glass of wine." I joked. He smiled, and stepped back a bit, so we weren't in anyone's way. I took another sip of wine, keeping my eyes low and thinking of something clever to say, "so your a family member?" I asked. He glanced out at the other wedding guests,

"I'm the brother of the bride's mate. guess I was filling up seating space," He gave a dry chuckle, "Yourself?" He glanced down at me and all of a sudden my heartbeat started a slowly beating motion,

"I'm the groom's work partner. Diane Brooks." I offered my hand for a simple hand shake. I was a little taken a back by him kissing my hand,

"Tristan March."

My first thoughts were how romantic and charming this man is. We stayed together the whole night and at the end I gave him my number, " Promise to call?"


"uh? I believe you, cause you type of men always say that and then never do." I explained my dating wisdom. Tristan raised an eyebrow,

"Really? well let me prove you wrong Miss Brookes." and with that he kissed my lightly on the cheek and went to find his car.  

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